Wednesday, 16 December 2009

No Shit, Sherlock... You Rock!!!

Sherlock Holmes.
Not a Review.
No shit, Sherlock, you rock!
Robert Downey Jr. can do no wrong now eh?
Iron Man, Tropic Thunder, now this.
Who needs Johnny Depp anymore eh?

Funnily enough,
Downey Jr's Holmes feels a lot like Dr. Gregory House.
Was he inspired by Hugh Laurie's House?
That would be funny.
Considering House is based on Sherlock Holmes.
And James Wilson is based on John Watson.

Ooooh Rachel McAdams,
Somehow she doesn't look as hot here.
Still hot, but not AS hot.
I thought women in that era used to show cleavage a lot?
This movie not much also.

But anyway, this movie is FUN!
It's not the fuddy duddy stuffy Sherlock.
This Sherlock quite cool.
A bit eccentric and a bit of a klutz too.
And he can deduce the shoes off you!
Jude Law's not bad as Watson either.
They make a pretty good team.

Oh yeah, and this Homes fights too.
Apparently in the books he CAN fight too.
Just that we all think he's a fuddy duddy,
Who goes around wearing that strange hat and cape.
Here he does wear those stuffy clothes.
And neither does he say 'Elementary'.
(Actually he does say 'Elementary' in the books either...)

Surely this movie warrants a sequel?
It's fun, it's entertaining,
And Robert Downey Jr. is a blast.
And then there's that small matter of a certain arch-enemy.
So let's have a Sherlock Holmes 2, Guy.
It's only elementary, my dear Mr. Ritchie...

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