Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Welcome Back, Disney Princess! Ribbit!

Princess And The Frog.
Not a Ribbit.
er.. I mean, Review..
Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit,
Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit....
Ribbit Ribbit!!!!!

It's the return of the Disney Princess!
The last one was... wah, Aladdin.
Way back in 1992.
No, Pocahontas, Hercules, Mulan all don't count.
Princess Jasmine was still a legit princess.
Am on the fence about the Little Mermaid though...

Anyway, this is also Disney's return to 2D animation.
Now they bought Pixar oledi,
And hired John Lasseter as their chief creative guy,
He's got Disney making 2D hand-drawn cartoons again.
Pixar's gonna do the flashy computer stuff,
While Disney is going back to fairytales stuff.
No more Chicken Little Brother Bear shit.
And all those lame-ass CG Pixar-wannabes.

So how was it?
It was surprisingly good.
The return to 2D animation was very refreshing.
It's like, a whole new world,
Even though it's actually really old school.
And even though the story was pretty predictable,
It had a lot of heart in it.

The characters were not bad too.
The Princess isn't your typical damsel in distress,
The Prince is not as kayu as most other Prince Charmings,
The usual cute comical characters are there,
And the bad guy reminds me of Ja'afar from Aladdin.
(OK, the frog kissing part is a bit far-fetched)
(And a lot of it felt like it had been done before)
(But hey, it's tradition!)

The music, the characters, the humour,
It's a real return to the roots of Disney's cartoons.
Movies like Aladdin, The Little Mermaid,
Beauty And The Beast, Snow White, Cinderella,
All captured your imagination
They made me love Disney cartoons.
And Princess And The Frog is a return to that nostalgic feeling.

If you loved the old Disney movies,
Especially their fairy talesand the Disney Princesses,
Then you'll like this.
Sure, it ain't Pixar,
And it ain't as flashy or glossy as the new CG cartoons,
But it's a return to what made Disney great in the first place.
And has a whole lot of heart in it.

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