Monday, 11 January 2010

Beer Brewing Is a Craft, Beer Drinking Is an Art.

Now THIS is my kinda quote:

When I heard that there was gonna be a new beer joint with craft beer (beer brewed in a microbrewery), I was initially quite excited. I've drunk my fair share of microbrewery beers when I was in Poland, and those were always excellant, and so much better than the usual bottled beers (which in Poland, is no mean feat because most of the bottled beers there are awesome anyway).

Anyway, I was so excited about Craft Brews that I went there two days after it was opened to check it out, only to be disappointed when I found out that the beer isn't exactly brewed here, but imported from.... SINGAPORE.

Oh dear.

Yeah, Craft Brews gets its beer from Singapore's Red Dot Brewhouse. It's shipped here fresh, of course, but still, it's not the same as brewing it fresh here (in case you were wondering, they can't brew it here lar. Need lesen wan)

Ok, enough about that. How's the beer anyway? Well, Craft Brews serves four kind of craft beers - all made by Red Dot, of course.

They let us try everything last week, during some special blogger's thingy,

They've got English Ale (which is pretty good, kinda bitter though); Czech Pilsner (which does NOT taste like Tiger or the usual beers, but does taste kinda like actual Czech beer, which is AWESOME BTW); Weizen wheat beer (murky stuff, reminds me of the seasonal Wiescke Witte beer I had in Amsterdam).

They also serve beer disguised as Green Fanta... for kids who are Manure United fans.

That's their signature Monster Green Lager. It's colored naturally with spirulina, which didn't do anything for the somewhat weak taste... not MY favorite, definitely.

You can read more about them beers here:

Oh, and they've got some niftily-packaged bottled beers from USA also - Flying Dog and Rogue.

Haven't tried them out, though I 'won' a bottle during some tasting competition where you were supposed to guess the beer from the taste. Even though I could identify EVERY SINGLE BEER they gave me from the taste alone, I was 'disqualified' because I downed the damn glasses so fast they couldn't tell which was which in the end. BAH.

Oh well, at least I still got a prize. The wusses who 'won' got themselves food vouchers. The smarter 'losers' like me, Deep and FA went for the bottles of beer they were giving out instead. LOL

Ok, enough about the beers. Now for the big question.... how are the PRICES?

To tell the truth, the prices are a bit steep for the beers:

Holy shit, 25 bucks for a pint of CARLSBERG? I could get a pint of GUINNESS at that price elsewhere! The house brews aren't that cheap either, even during happy hours, but from these prices, only idiots would go for the Carlsberg over the home brews, really.

Food? Well, we had some yummy pork ribs and other food together with the beer, which you can read about in other blogs. Yes, the food was good, but for me it was just for lining the stomach so I could drink more...

But if you really want to know, the food prices are pretty standard compared to similar joints around town.

But heck, at least there's an alternative to the usual bland beers around town. It may be a bit expensive, but for a once in a while joint where you can have yummy pork ribs and (reasonably) good beer, it's pretty cool.

Oh, and before we go, let's give a warm WELCOME BACK to the original drunk blogger Fireangel, back home in Malaysia after a whole year stuck in Singabore!

Now start updating more already, bitch!

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