Monday, 3 January 2011

Best Of 2010: The Eyeris Movie Awards!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Before we get to the pre-requisite "What I hope for in 2011" posts, here is another year-ending post that really should have been published last week...

No need for much explanation here, just read the title, godammit.


Top Nine Favorite Movies of 2010

  1. Toy Story 3 - Can Pixar do no wrong?
  2. Inception - Can Chris Nolan do no wrong?
  3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - Too bad it never came here. This movie was SWEEET.
  4. Kick-Ass -Balls to the walls awesome shit.
  5. How to Train Your Dragon - Best Dreamworks' Animation movie ever, IMHO.
  6. Tangled - The Disney Princess is back. Deal with it.
  7. Tron Legacy - It wasn't great, but hey, its TRON
  8. The A-Team - Tank. Flying. 'Nuff said.
  9. Machete - Damn over-the -top B-grade stuff but oh so entertaining. Plus points for showing us Jessica Alba's bare ass and Lindsay Lohan's bare boobs. (And no, it never came here either. sigh)
Honorable mentions:


Most Excruciating Movies I Had To Sit Through

  • The Last Airbender - M. Night Shymalan Must Die For Crimes Against Awesome Cartoons.
  • Sex And the City 2 - Excruciating for a guy, that is. LL seemed to like it just fine.
  • Wolfman - More like Ewoks gone wild if you ask me...
  • 蘇乞兒 (True Legend) - What a waste of a legend....


Biggest Disappointments Of The Year

  • The Expendables - For wasting the potential for a really kick-ass action movie, by having a crappy script.
  • Clash Of the Titans - For screwing up a perfectly good story and sucking really bad. Oh, and for being the poster boy for crappy 3D.
  • Iron Man 2 - For overloading on the clunky refrigerator battles.
  • Legion - For wasting the kick-ass idea of 'Angels with Machineguns' on the stupidest, half-baked apocalypse story ever conceived.
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - For not coming to Malaysia.

Movies I Know I SHOULD have Watched But Never Got Around To Watching

  • The Social Network
  • Let Me In
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Asian Movies I Actually Remember Watching and Liking


Full list of 2010's Movie Not Reviews


KY said...

pretty good list, but come on, TRON isn't a disappointment?

ShaolinTiger said...

Hmmm looks like I need to watch Tangled then.

Might copy you and do a movie round up, lazy to do the whole year summary thing LOL

eyeris said...

KY: No wor. I quite liked it. My expectations were somewhat lower because I'd already seen what it was capable of. The story could have been better, but the visuals were great...

ST: Haha. Be warned, it's a pure Disney happy ending fairytale movie. Not macho at all. haha.

camlok said...

Despicable Me not in the list at all?

eiling lim said...

of all the 9 movies, I only watched Inception. Hehe.. lots to catch up. Happy New Year to you!

FA said...

IMHO, Tron abit of a borefest.... if not for the awesome SFX wud've slept right through it.

oi! kenot rate movies that didn't reach Malaysia okay, that's not fair!


Inception didn't. :P

and I can't believe Tangled actually made it on your Top 10 list! Hehehe.

rita said...

Dude wheres:

she out of my league
Get Him to the Greek
the karate kid
the killer inside me
the kids are alright
Easy A
The town

Have you watch all this??

the fact that you didn't watch.

let me in &
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

is just unforgivable.

how bout: let the right one in dont tell me you havnt watch this!!!

eyeris said...

IF you look at the list carefully, I tend to like a certain type of film more. That's why it's called the my 'FAVORITE Movies' of the year list, not BEST movies of the year list. haha. thanks for pointing out the movies I SHOULD watch BTW! I'll get to watching them now! :D

Anonymous said...

where's the Owls??

lishun said...

percy jackson? you liked PERCY JACKSON?! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. i cringe.