Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Sam Sony Spidey Simon Stuart Sarah

1) Sam Raimi Leaves Spidey 4

Sam wanted John 'The Vulture' Malkovich. Money grubbing Sony wanted Black Cat, apparently. So Sam and Tobey are now out. Meanwhile, Sony are planning to 'reboot' the franchise in 2012, and re-shoot Spidey's origins as a high school kid. And it's gonna be 'more gritty and contemporary'. Good grief.

Do we REALLY NEED a more gritty, dark Spider-man? IT worked for Batman because well, Batman IS dark and gritty anyway and comes out at night. Spidey? Gritty? So he's gonna wear his black costume all the time? And remember the LAST time James Vanderbilt wrote a superhero origin?

Does the franchise REALLY need a reboot? I thought reboots were only done because the previous movies sucked? Spidey 1 & 2 were ok what. And Spidey 3 may have been overblown, but it was still a good sight better than bloody Ghost Rider, all three Punisher movies, or Daredevil.

Maybe it's time for James "King Of The World" Cameron to dig out that old Spidey screenplay, eh?


2) Simon Idol leaves American Cowell

At first I rejoiced when Paula Abdul left. She was the main reason I could not stand the show in the first place. Then Ellen Degeneres was roped in, and I though, 'hey, I might just check it out and see."

But now that Simon is leaving (after this season, BTW), there goes the reason the show was even remotely interesting to watch in the first place.

What? The singing? REALLY?


3) Stuart Townsend leaves Thor.

The last time Stuart Townsend left a cast, they replaced him with Viggo Mortenson. Bodes well for Thor, no?

Ok, maybe not. He wasn't even going to be Thor in the first place anyway. Plus I still don't see how they're gonna pull of the silly costume and the wings on the helmet.


4) Sarah Palin leaves politics

Yes I know she resigned last year, but she's now gonna be a pundit for Fox News. Wow, what a maverick. Not that it matters to us anyway. I'd much rather it be Tina Fey. I'd totally watch Tina Fey reading the news. In a white shirt. And blazer. And VERY short skirt. MMmm.

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