Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Turn Off that Videocam and Watch the Damn Concert, You Morons!

At the Green Day mosh pit, we were lucky enough to be right in front of a fence so there were not that many idiots in front of us. But then halfway through two girls just barged in front of us and just STOOD there. I wasn't so bothered about it at first, because one of the girls was rather short, and I thought I'd let her have a better view. Then one of them took out a camera and started FILMING the concert.

At that point, I got pissed. I leaned over and told her, "Look, I don't mind you standing in front of me, but can you NOT film the concert? Your camera is blocking my view!"

It wasn't even as if they were big fans of Green Day in the first place. I mean, they were just STANDING there. Not dancing, not singing, just blankly staring at the band, and FILMING the whole thing. Fer gawds sake, you spent ALL THAT MONEY to go to a concert, and stand in the most HAPPENING place - the mosh pit - and you just STAND there? What are you even doing there in the first place?

I mean, what's the point of going to a concert when all you do is stand still, holding that camera up, and watching the entire thing through the camera screen? You might as well be watching it on YouTube or something.

People like that have always been my pet peeve at concerts. Yes, even more than those rowdy people who push and shove in the mosh pit (I mean c'mon, it's a MOSH PIT. Pushing and shoving is MANDATORY) and people who throw water bottles around. Oh wait, I also hate those groups of idiots who dance like they are possessed, kicking and swinging their hands around and basically disregarding everyone else around them. It's like the mosh pit just brings out their innate mob idiot mentality.

There better not be any idiots like that during the Killers concert.... Yeah right, who am I kidding?


princessE said...

Yeah, I was there too and was blocked by 2 silly Mat Sallehs in Batman and Robin outfits! It's bad enough that they are tall, do they have to have ears that stick out to block my view too? Phlerggggghhhh....

P.S. Green Day concert rocks!

vincent said...

the great thing about the idiots who film the entire concert is that we get to watch it again afterwards on youtube.

on that note, bloody hell, the crowd was much louder than the crowds in japan, bangkok and manchester (didnt bother watching the video of other cities)