Friday, 12 February 2010

Let's Get Drunk Like The Drunken Master!

Have you ever wondered what kind of booze those wacky ancient Chinese martial artists seem to be drinking in those movies? The ones where they keep pouring down their throats, dribbling down their necks and spilling all over the place?

Well, I've been to China a couple times before, and after going through the Duty Free shops in the airports a couple times, I still have no idea which kind of wine is the kind the drunken kungfu masters drink. I see lots of rice wine around, which seems to be the staple ones, and they are always in these fancy little ornate china bottles or boxes so I can't tell what kind of liquor it is. I bought one of those bottles back before, and it turned out to be 'Hua Tiao Jiu', the kind of rice wine my mom used to use cook drunken chicken... So I wasn't sure if you could drink it just like that...

My guess is it's either the baijiu (distilled liquor) or huangjiu (fermented liquor) that they have in those gourds/casks. It's always clear stuff in the movies, so my money's on the baijiu.

I just don't get why whenever they drink, they have to waste so much of it. I mean, when those kungfu guys drink, they always spill a lot of wine all over the place and all over themselves; and don't seem to be DRINKING it much. So how do they get drunk so easily? Geez.

Anyway, I'll be going back to China again soon, and this time I aim to find out once and for all what is the best kind of alcohol to buy for a er.. party. As long as it ain't got snakes in 'em, I'm willing to give it a shot... (eheh, geddit? a shot? eh? eh? sigh...)

Oh, and in case I don't update in the holidays... HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

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