Thursday, 18 February 2010

Come and Tumpang Our Juicy Glamour!

Ooooh look what's in this month's Juice magazine!

YAY! Our very first mainstream media coverage! (Though I have to say I prefer the first hand accounts from all the bloggers who came to our parties. Hehe).

In case you can't read the text, here it is (with one correction - MTG2 was held at METROPOLITAN SQUARE, not Millennium Square):

Here's a BIG thank you to the sponsors! I've already mentioned the MTG1 sponsors HERE, and the MTG2 sponsors are Carlsberg & Tuborg,, Red Bull and Metropolitan Square!

Thanks to everyone who helped us make the past two parties such a success! The first one was awesome. The second one was even better. And in case you're wondering when the next one is, all I can say now is we've pretty much got the booze and the DJ covered, and now we're looking very hard for a suitable venue.

We've done a tattoo parlour, and a poolside. Now we want something different!

So, want to help us get MTG3 going? Give us cool suggestions on where we can have the next one! We're looking for venues that can fit around 100 people, where we can make as much noise as possible (preferably nowhere near any residential areas).

Until the next MTG, a very big THANK YOU from Syarikat Tumpang Glamour!


eiling lim said...

Nice one!

KY said...


FA said...

wahlau.. can like, stop using that picture ar. abit shy lah.

eyeris said...

but it is the bestest picture ever! it's funny (Got God in stupid hat), corporate (sponsor rep), AND sexy (you in a bikini). AWESOME. LOL