Thursday, 4 February 2010

2 Nights of Music Causes 65 Days of Static Placebo

I may not be that big of a post-rock instrumental rock buff, but there ARE certain bands I really like, and would love to watch live. I loved the Explosions In The Sky gig two years ago, and the Mogwai gig last year. Unfortunately I had to miss both times Mono came to KL, but at least I can now make up for that with 65daysofstatic! Woot!


65daysofstatic Live in KL
When: Wednesday, March 10 2010
Where: Bentley Music Auditorium, Wisma Bentley Music
Time : 8pm-11pm


I actually got into 65daysofstatic's music before I even heard of Explosions In The Sky, so this is one gig I'm looking forward to. If you liked EITS, this might interest you as well. I don't guarantee it will be better than EITS, but hey, it's a decent enough band and it's rare enough that we get gigs like this in KL, so I probably will be going for this...


And since we're on the subject of upcoming KL concerts, the details for the Placebo concert have been confirmed as well!

Placebo Live In Malaysia

Date: 16 March, 8pm
Venue: KL Live
Tickets: RM98 / RM158, from Axcess, Rock Corner, Music Valley, or Extreme outlets

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