Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oscar Noms! I Hope Avatar doesn't nom nom everything

The list of Academy Award nominations are out, and it's pretty predictable so far, even the much-hyped 10 Best Picture nominees (though I didn't think District 9 would be there).

I'm hoping that Avatar won't do another Titanic and sweep all nine awards it's been nominated for (The Hurt Locker deserves it a lot more, to tell the truth); but then the Oscars have always been kind to James Cameron; so even though his movie is nothing but a very pretty picture with a piss poor plot, he's probably still gonna win Best Picture. BAH.

I'm still hoping Up and Inglourious Basterds can at least come away with one or two awards though...

You can see the full list on Empire HERE. I'm just gonna post some of the bigger categories and the ones I'm interested in:



It's been hyped up before that there will be TEN nominations for Best Picture this year, and though I don't see the winners going to any other movie besides Avatar or The Hurt Locker, it's great to see Up (which would have not gotten in in previous years... remember WALL-E?), Inglourious Basterds and District 9 in the mix as well. And hey, thank GOD New Moon was not nominated as it was rumoured to be...


I'm getting the sinking feeling that this year is going to be James Cameron's year again. Poor Kathryn Bigelow. Would be great if Tarantino wins, but.... NAH.
  • James Cameron, Avatar
  • Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker
  • Quentin Tarantino, Inglourious Basterds
  • Lee Daniels, Precious
  • Jason Reitman, Up In The Air



Up is definitely the favorite (and MY favorite) to win here, I think. I loved Coraline and The Princess And The Frog, but really, if Up doesn't win this, it better win the Best Picture award...



No clear favorites here, but I'm rooting for Jeff Bridges because, well, c'mon, he's THE DUDE.
  • Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
  • George Clooney, Up In The Air
  • Colin Firth, A Single Man
  • Morgan Freeman, Invictus
  • Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker



Meryl Streep again? They might as well just cut and paste her name in future nomination lists, to save the trouble of 'voting'.
  • Meryl Streep, Julie & Julia
  • Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
  • Helen Mirren, The Last Station
  • Carey Mulligan, An Education
  • Gabourey Sidibe, Precious



If Hans Landa doesn't win this, I'm gonna kick up a really big storm in the Oscar voters' glass of milk...
  • Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds
  • Matt Damon, Invictus
  • Stanley Tucci, The Lovely Bones
  • Woody Harrelson, The Messenger
  • Christopher Plummer, The Last Station



Again, no clear favorites here, but the buzz has been about Mo'nique's performance in Precious (a film I will NOT be watching because it sounds way too depressing for my liking...) I guess we should be glad Mariah Carey wasn't nominated here. Imagine how insufferable it would be to see 'Oscar Nominated Actress' next to her name...

  • Penelope Cruz, Nine
  • Vera Farmiga, Up In the Air
  • Anna Kendrick, Up In the Air
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal, Crazy Heart
  • Mo’nique, Precious



I'm pulling for District 9, but I guess the Oscars will prefer the 'heavier' stuff like Precious, and An Education... C'mon, give the prawns some love, man!
  • District 9
  • An Education
  • In The Loop
  • Precious
  • Up In The Air



Tarantino! The Coens! Pixar! So many favorite of mine in this category... I want Up to win, but also want Tarantino to win. Sorry Pete, Docter but The Basterds get MY vote here.
  • The Hurt locker
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • A Serious Man
  • The Messenger
  • Up


spiller said...

How come only 3 nominees for Visual Effects, and no Transformers 2?

Jeremy Renner pwn Robert Downey Jr?

cheesie said...

Inglourious Basterds plssssss!!!