Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Stuck In a Rut

Lately I've been stuck in a rut when it comes to the blog. I get great ideas for posts, and I also have some stuff to review, but then when I actually open the 'New Post' page, I write two sentences then I lose interest. It's not like I've lost interest in blogging altogether, but lately I've been wondering, "What's the point?"

This blog has been going on for five, almost six years now. Now, that's one heck of a long time for a blog I'd initially set up just to do some book reviews and maybe write some nonsense on. But it's stagnated lately. I've run out of fresh ideas, run out of fresh ways to say unfresh things. Heck, even this post feels like I've written it before (hey, I think I wrote that last line before as well...).

When Haloscan got uppity and changed into that crappy Echo comments system, I lost ALL the few thousand comments I'd accumulated over the years. That's a LOT of comments. And I miss 'em. Because what's a blog if there are no comments? I'd initially thought of migrating the whole blog to a new engine like Wordpress with it's own domain name, but since then I've gotten lazy AGAIN, and just decided to leave the blog as it is.

I've been a lot more active in Twitter, true, but somehow it just ain't the same as having a nicely written blog post with people commenting about how cool or how sucky it actually is. And 140 characters just aren't enough sometimes. (Don't get me started on Twitlonger. That's for long-winded people who can't get to the point, but don't have enough intelligent thoughts or the vocabulary for a proper blog post).

Heck, I don't even update Hantu Bola as often anymore (though that's mostly because Liverpool is having a wretched season). It's like all the writing I do for both the day job AND the blog is finally catching up to me and I'm getting sick of it. Not the writing part, but the 'thinking of new ideas' part.

Anyway, I need something to get me going here again. Something fresh, something new to keep me going, something that I can actually feel enthusiastic about enough to keep updating regularly. Something like Suan's Bootcamp posts (without which we wouldn't get half as many updates from her).

Sure, we wish she'd blog about something else sometimes, but she's got such great passion and enthusiasm about the subject that it actually makes the post more interesting. So I need to find something that can spark me to write about it the way OBC sparks her enthusiasm to write about OBC. Since little bloggers like me don't get invited to half as many events as others, and I don't watch THAT many movies (so I can't keep churning out Movie Not-Reviews), I'm really at a loss here.

So... any suggestions?


Camlok said...

1) Start camwhore posts!!(j/k)

2) Start a blogger not-review series of posts.

3) Then get that blogger to guest blog

4) Start writing online novel, 1 post a week (doubt you can manage this though)

Hmm, I normally read, and I don't post stuff, so my opinion might not be constructive at all.

ChinoDevean said...

3 months overdue, but perhaps can do lists to revive your creativity?

Perhaps start with "best movies with special effects for the past decade"... then evolve to random stuff like "5 things that arcade fire, taylor swift and t-bone has in common" or something.

Just a suggestion.

FietheElf said...

can write about super cool people u meet

like me


§pinzer said...

Show your tits! Eh wait, you don't have tits.

Too bad. :p

KY said...

BBQ & Drinks!

fourfeetnine said...

blog about what you feel :)

or gossip works just as well!

Nobby Nobbs said...

1. What's the connection? - Find songs and/or movies that are somehow connected in some obscure way.

2. Do a regular Top 10 list of anything and everything.

3. Regular cleavage rating feature. For instance: Megan Fox vs Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck).

4. Drunk Overload - Like the cute one only with hilariously intoxicated people in compromising positions. Faces pixelated to protect the innocent.

Two cents worth.

vincent said...

The first time I started getting bored with blogging, I wrote The Great Review (TM) about tampons and sanitary pads.

The second time I started getting bored, I started a blog war. And goddamn that was HUGE.

But after that and right till now, as you can see, I post something twice a month...

mina said...

No idea, since I probably blog once-a-year.
but I have been following your posts since I don't remember when. Don't stop :D especially that "Not-Movie-Review" :p refreshing.

Anonymous said...

It's really a "pathetic" attempt to get your readers to show you some love.. Just joking.. Here's some care, love & support.. Whatever u post I will still like it.. haha.. :)

Ted Mahsun said...

Start not-reviewing games? Don't you have an xbox or something?

Anonymous said...

I think we won't mind more Fireangel in bikini pics as fillers until you think of something interesting to write...