Thursday, 18 March 2010

Booking Books At The ALL-NEW BookXcess, Opening Tomorrow!

It seems like only yesterday that a tiny little bookstore called BookXcess opened up on the second level of Amcorp Mall, next to a used magazine shop they owned. The book was a heaven for book lovers - it had NEW books for second-hand prices, and unlike many used bookstores, many of the titles were fairly recent.

A few months after that, BookXcess expanded to a corner lot on the third floor, and finally looked like a REAL bookstore. And now, business has apparently been so good that they are expanding AGAIN - to the CINEMA LOT next door that recently housed the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale (also run by BookXcess, BTW). It's a far cry from that tiny little bookstore they started out with, that's for sure...

So who said Malaysians don't buy books, huh? (Though it could probably just be me and Sharon Bakar sustaining their business all this time... heh)

The grand opening of the shop is TOMORROW, and they're already tempting me with a whole lot of awesome fiction books on their blog.

Among the books I'm planning to get are Folklore of Discworld: RM19.90 (Original price: RM49.90) and Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman: RM24.90 (original price RM112.90), and anything else I can get my grubby hands on (you can see their list HERE and HERE. They've even got the Dang Brown books going for RM9.90 only, for you folks who are into that sort of thing...)

Oh, and they're also having a contest where you have to video yourself reading their 'Ode To Cheap Books (For All)', and the best videos will win RM50-RM150 book vouchers (which at BookXcess means AT LEAST 5-6 books).

So yeah, hop on by to BookXcess tomorrow to check out the NEW STORE! And hands off the Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchetts please. They're MINE! ALL MINE!!!!

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hathyiahusni (MzP) said...

me wanna go me wanna go but then it will burn a hole in my pocket!