Saturday, 27 March 2010


Yes, I even reused that picture above. See, I'm THAT energy efficient HAHHAAHA.

I wasn't going to do the same thing I did last year, but I got so annoyed at the whole bloody Earth Hour publicity machine that I decided what the heck, let's syiok sendiri again and do Reverse Earth Hour again and turn OFF every single light for 23 hours and turn them ALL ON during Earth Hour when everyone's (supposed to be) turning them OFF.

So now all the lights in my house are blazing bright, when everywhere else its SUPPOSED to be dark (c'mon, fess up, how many of you actually BOTHERED to turn off yer lights?)

Anyway, during that one hour of light I managed to cook dinner, eat dinner, wash up, take a shower, watch a little Battlestar Galactica, AND write this post at the same time. So SCREW YOU, Earth Hour. All your so called hype about 'saving energy' is all BULLCRAP. This so-called 'awareness campaign' has WASTED more energy in all those stupid CONCERTS, EVENTS and PROMOTIONS people have been organising for it.

The other day some promoters actually came to my office in a HUGE FUEL GUZZLING pickup truck, and they were passing out PLASTIC Earth Hour handfans, which probably cost more energy to MAKE than you ever will save by turning off your lights for ONE FUCKING HOUR. (in case you were wondering, I refused the fans by saying 'I'm very AGAINST Earth Hour', and the promoter looked at me like I'd just clubbed a baby seal. HAHAHA!)

Vincent got it right when he said on his Facebook status:

"I cut my plant's gas consumption by 1100 gigaBTUs - equivalent to lighting up 5.25 million 60W lightbulbs for 1 hr. There are thousands of engineers just like me. My point is - don't be so narcisstic, "switching off lights" is more irrelevant than you think. As a corporate entity, if you really want to make a difference, start a scholarship fund to train more awesome engineers"

You wanna 'save the Earth? Recycle your waste! Use energy saving lights! Don't turn on your air-conditioning 24/7! Don't use plastic bags or Styrofoam containers! Use a more fuel-conserving car! open your curtains to let the natural light in and don't turn on your lights in the daytime!

Turning your lights off for ONE FUCKING HOUR in A YEAR won't 'conserve energy', dumbass!

So yeah, HAPPY REVERSE EARTH HOUR TO YOU. I've saved MORE energy today than YOU did.



LiPing said...

Well said!

Phoebus Athenos said...

wish i can retweet this

Noir.V said...

Couldnt agree more dude! Ppl think they've suddenly become conservationists by turning off the lights for one bloody hour. They're really just hypocrites.
Cheers, mate! :D

Deviki @ Viki said...

wow you've put in words what've always thought of saying to people .....i'm impressed that you actually did the reverse earth day LOL

vincent said...

eh some bozzo wrote in to the star saying KL was 'not dark enough'

must be all your fault then, hahaha