Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Evangelion 2.0.1: Can They (Not) Do (This) Next (Time)?

Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance
(Not) a review.
There they go again with the (Not).
Last time was You Are (Not) Alone.
Now it's You Can (Not) Advance.
Can they (Not) do that in the next movie please?

Wahlau so emo.
But then again, not as emo as the first one.
And how the hell does an emo wuss like Shinji get not one,
But TWO hot chicks going after him?
Speaking of hot chicks, you've gotta love the Japs.
For always finding excuses to get their anime women naked.

Ok, it's still as confusing as hell.
Like, WTF ARE those angels?
If you didn't watch the first one, don't bother.
But even if you watched the first one,
You'd still be confused as hell.
Well I was.
Trust the Japs to come up with stories like this.

But it's still fucking awesome though.
The action sequences are pretty damn awesome.
And the drama bits are pretty good.
A bit slow in parts, especially when they are emo-ing,
But Holy shit the fights were awesome.
So yeah, it's confusing and emo,
But damn fucking awesome.
Besides, how often do you get to watch anime in a cinema, eh?

BTW, it's only showing only in Cathay Picturehouse,
At the place formerly known as Cineleisure.
Oh, and remember to stay until the end,
Because got a bit more after credits,
And a preview of Evengelion 3.0!
Wonder what they'll call it this time,
She Is (Not) Underaged?


FA said...

chick with blue hair is hottttttt!

ChinoDevean said...

also showing at TGV Sunway Pyramid... It's awesome for the fact that it is watching anime in a cinema!

Simon Seow said...

They will call it Q (Quickening)

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