Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Lovely, Sad Bones.... Oooh Pretty!

The Lovely Bones.
Not a review.
It's lovely, and sad.
Susie Salmon! Salmon, like the fish.
Susie is so sad.
All that hope, joy snuffed out just like that.
Murdered when she was 14.

That Saoirse Ronan kid is lovely.
She made you feel so sad for Susie.
She'll grow up to be a damn good actress one day.
And not a bad looking one either.
Dammit it's Emma Watson Syndrome all over again!

That Stanley Tucci guy is pretty good,
Damn creepy, in a disturbing pervy kinda way.
No wonder he got nominated for an Oscar.
Rachel Weisz and Susan Sarandon are always great to watch,
But that Marky Mark's voice still annoys the shit outta me.
He's so-so here, good at times,
But stands out like a sore thumb next to Rachel.

I really like the imagery in the In-Between.
Especially the ships in glass bottles floating at sea,
Very poetic, very haunting, very majestic even.
But it got a bit out of hand at times though,
Don't tinker TOO MUCH with the SFX machine, Peter.

I just recently saw some of his earlier movies.
Awesome shit like Brain Dead and Heavenly Creatures.
You wouldn't believe he would later make Lord Of The Rings.
Jackson should go back to his horror schlock one of these days,
Would be interesting to see what he can do.
Here, one scene in the house was damn kan ciong ok.

I liked it.
But donno why all the critics hated it.
It's only got 32% on the Tomatometer! WTF!??!!??
But I have to admit, it doesn't do justice to Alice Sebold's book.
The book was much sadder, but hopeful.
The family drama scenes were much, much better in the book.
Go read it already, goddamit.


suanie said...

i hated this movie

eyeris said...

why lar i thought it was nice what...

Jeevs said...

after LOTR - how could he possibly "over do" the CGI?

eyeris said...

Well, he overdid it in King Kong, and here, he put too much when less would have been better...

Jeevs said...

Well Tintin is going to be "super overdone" by the sounds of it...after seeing Alice in Wonderland - I think I might have an idea of what to look forward to (or not) with all the blue screen, motion capture...