Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Ss-ssttoopp Sh-shaaaaking Th-the C-cammeeraaa, Greeenge-grasss!!!!

Green Zone.
Not a Review.
Is it "Bourne in Iraq"?
Well, yes and no.
Yes, Damon is still a one man killing machine.
No, Bourne wouldn't get beaten up so much.
Yes, Greengrass still does the shaky-cam thing.
No, Greengrass is not making another Bourne.

Bloody Americans.
Always looking for an excuse to go to war.
Watch this oledi I got even more mad at them.
Sure, it's just a movie,
But still, where WERE the WMDs?

Note to self:
NEVER sit too close to the screen at a Greengrass movie.
Or you'll feel nauseous.
That chase scene alone was enough to give me headache.
I had to switch to the row behind halfway through,
Because all I saw was a giant BLUR.
So if you couldn't stand the Bourne movies or Cloverfield,
BE WARNED. This is even SHAKIER.

But this was a pretty good movie.
Lots of action,
A lot of Bourne-like brooding from Damon,
Some cool military action,
And it makes you hate Americans even more.
What more could you ask for, eh?

Besides, since there won't be anymore Bourne movies,
This will do, I guess.
I just wish Greengrass would stop shaking the camera so much
Lucky I have years of playing Quake and Doom,
So I can tahan all the shaky cam shit.
There's a rumor he actually stands behind the cameramen,
And shakes him by the shoulders to get that effect.


vincent said...

Bourne shaking was okay because it wasn't THE WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE unlike that Cloverfield bullshit.

So, is the shaking the whole movie or just parts of it?

eyeris said...

there's ONE chase scene where it's particularly bad. otherwise, it's pretty much like Bourne. Still, don't sit too close to the screen. haha.