Monday, 29 March 2010

Tigers Eat Awesome Meat from BBQ Addicts And Drink Lots of Beer

Couple weeks ago, Rock Star Stalker Reta asked me to tag along to this Tiger Crystal launch at Sky Bar. Tiger was launching a new 'crisp, slightly lighter beer' that only has 4.5% alcohol; a limited edition for the Year of The Tiger. How convenient. Heh.

So how does it taste? Er... er... it's not bad. still tastes like a Tiger, but it IS a little lighter and easier to drink. At first glance I was wondering why they were serving Corona at a Tiger event though, because it comes in a clear bottle instead of the usual Tiger black bottle. Oops. :P

Anyway, the event itself was great though. Then again, events are always great when there's lots of beer to go around. Hic!

The next day, Deep and I met up at the St. Patrick's Day party at One Utama. Quite cool, actually, it was like a BIG GARDEN party, with lots of chicks and beer to go around. Heh.

(St. Pats Day pix taken from Thirsty Blogger)

We were there damn early, around 6:30pm, so we got a good head start on the black stuff before the crowd came in later. By the time the sky was dark, we'd already finished at least four glasses each.

Did I say GLASSES? I meant CUPS. They served the Guinness in PLASTIC CUPS, which was a bit of a downer. And you know how they kept saying it's RM10 for a PINT of Guinness? Yeah right, it was a PERFECT pint, which is not a FULL PINT, only about HALF a pint! Bah, kena tipu.

To cap an awesome boozie + meaty week, the BBQ Addicts had our inaugural KL BBQ at my place. I'll blog more on this later, but first, go check out Suanie and Eric's account of it!

(yes, I'm aware this is a blatant rip-off of Deep's post, but I'm lazy, so sue me. MUAHAHAHA!)


Eric said...

hehehehe i also blogged about it!!!

Simon Seow said...

Nice. I miss Guiness.

Myhorng said...

ribs eyezzzz