Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Wolfman Goes AWOOOOHOOOOOOhooooooo... WHUMP!

The Wolfman.
Not a review.
Lucky I didn't have to pay to watch this movie.
And got GSC Signature GOLD CLASS samore
The seats so nice can recline and sleep samore.
And I nearly slept during this movie ok.
Heck, even Supernatural's werewolf episode was better than this.

Ok I geddit, it's supposed to be a remake of the original movie,
The classic B-grade Universal Monster movie.
But if I wanted the same cheesiness and B-gradeness,
I'd just go watch the original one.
This one took itself WAAAY too seriously for me.
Lots of gore and guts all over the place though.

And OMG Anthony Hopkins,
I know you're just doing it for the money these days,
But really, could your lack of interest be MORE OBVIOUS?
Oh, and donno why everytime I saw the werewolves,
I kept thinking of Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf.
And that South Park episode where all the kids dressed up as Chewbacca.
Heck, one wolf actually looked like Chewbacca with fangs at one point.

I like Emily Blunt. She's hot.
But she's not hot enough here. Grubby, more like.
Not even enough cleavage shown for a proper cleavage rating.
Man, I hate period movies.
The women are always so prim and properly dressed.
Never enough flesh shown.
Ooooh, nice back, Emily.

I've always wondered about werewolves.
Why WOLVES? And not FOXES?
Why must be FULL MOON?
Why must it be SILVER bullet?
At least with zombies it's simple.
Just shoot them with a shotgun,
(Or whack them with a cricket bat)
End of story.


Kimberly Low said...

aiya, even benicio cannot rescue the film ah? i just want to watch him all dirty, hairy and sexy lol

eyeris said...

Haha. You like your men hairy huh? LOL Benicio was hairy alright. and moody. he was good, but not good enough to save it. haha.

Myhorng said...

dude, just look at shaolintiger, aint that explain alot?

btw, why there's no waredogs else i might be one by now since i was bitten by one lately. This movie sucks.

eyeris said...

Can you imagine if you were bitten by a poodle were-dog or a schnauzer weredog? LOL.

Myhorng said...

i was bitten by maltese. so it = FML if it really happens. LOL

Nobby Nobbs said...

I know, I know!!! Next flick on the Were somethingsomething bandwagon, Beverly Hills Were Chihuahua. Staring Paris & Nicol.