Monday, 19 April 2010

Boss! Ice Kacang Satu! Tambah Cinta Anak Anjing Lebih Sikit!

Ice Kacang Puppy Love. 初恋红豆冰
Not a review.
Fooyor nostalgia maximus
Guli! Fighting fish!
Ice Kacang!
Old school public phones!
90's Polis uniforms!
Kopitiam! Old bus stations!
Barbers! Rotiman!

Wah damn a lot of Malaysian stars right?
Lee Sinje( looking hot even with that stupid haircut)
Aniu (Hahahaha damn dungu!)
Victor Wong Ping Guan! (Hahahaha damn nerdy)
Gary Chaw Ge (Wah not bad that fella, really got gangster style)
Fish Leong (Never say anything but she damn cute ok haha)
Yi Jet Qi (Not bad, but eh his legs like not disabled also wan?)
Eric Moo (A real ass in real life apparently, but not bad in the movie)
And ANGELA CHAN! (Wah never seen her since her TV series days!)

But hor, don't believe the poster.
Say got Nicholas Teo and Penny Tai,
Those two only have TWO SECONDS of screen time... COMBINED.
(At least Penny had two lines to say)
(Nicholas came on, smiled, and then no more)
Samore face big big on poster.
Damn bloody shameless lor.

It's a bit slow,
And sometimes damn mou liu.
But I liked it.
Damn nostalgia ok
Reminds me of when I was growing up in Temerloh
All the kopitiams, playing guli, and cycling around.

Also the puppy love part,
C'mon admit it, we've all been through that before.
We've all had ONE GIRL whom we used to like,
But was too shy to admit to her,
And always doing silly little things to impress her.
Hehe still kids mar,
Donno how to kau lui yet hahaha.

Not bad for a first film, Aniu.
But the REAL test will be in your next movie.
When you can't repeat the same trick,
And ask ALL YOUR famous friends to come and join the movie.
Then again, what's the point of having famous friends,
When you can't use them once in a while, huh?
Eh, if you make a sequel,
Can you call it Bak Kut Teh Forbidden Love?


Simon Seow said...

Great film by Ah Niu. Can see the public phone with Telekom Malaysia instead of TM and those rugged old ringgit notes lol

covekitten said...

Lmao liked your signature cynical not-a-review as usual. Personally I prefer to watch uncut versions of movies so if you know where I can download this please kindly let me know :P

eyeris said...

Er. no. Go watch it in the cinema, please.