Friday, 23 April 2010

Donnie Yen vs. Sammo Hung! HELL YEAH!

Ip Man 2
葉問2: 宗師傳奇
Not a Review.
WAAAAY better than any other kungfu movie this year.
Eat your heart out, True Legend!
It's like the first movie,
Got great parts, got not so great parts.
The first movie had better set pieces,
But the flow of the film was much better here.
But as usual, the FIGHTING is AWESOME
Huh? Story? Who cares?

Like I said before, Donnie Yen always kicks ass.
And boy does he kick a lot of ass here.
He even uses KNIVES here ok.
(ok, just the flat of the blade, no slash here slash there)
But add SAMMO HUNG into the movie,
And you've got one heck of a kungfu movie.

FIGHTING! (Don't get the wrong idea, folks)
So cool you don't really want it to end.
Now THAT is REAL kungfu showdown.

OK, so there's a Mat Salleh bad guy again.
Yes, that bloody old Chinese kungfu movie cliche again.
But at least this fight wasn't as bad as most other movies
Especially when you compare it with True Legend's LOUSY finale.
This one was damn brutal ok.
But you really need to see how Donnie Yen takes him out.
(OF COURSE he takes him out, DUH)

There's ONE move Donnie used on the Mat Salleh,
That was SO COOL I wished they would repeat it,
Just so you could see the beauty of that move.
It was THAT awesome.
You just have to see it to believe it.

OK I have a few complaints.
WHY did they edit the fights so closely?
I know they are supposed to look damn fast,
But sometimes you just wanna see the moves properly.
A lot of the fighting was spoilt by the blurry jerky camerawork
And what's with all the pointless characters.
What was the point of Simon Yam?
Oh well, not that I really cared.
Like I said, story? Who cares?


Yoon Kit said...

no bruce?

Eric said...

u gonna watch it next week or not?

eyeris said...

I watch oledi what for watch again? LOL

Yoon Kit: Haha. SHhhhhhhh. my lips are sealed. :D

langkau fiction said...

capt nemo's moves in League of Extraordinary Gentlement was also captivating outside the kungfu realm. Sith vs jedi newbies was also good. :)

mina said...

funny seeing the exactly similar expressions (or non-expressions) of Donnnie Yen in all these pics :D

eyeris said...

Mina: Haha! You're right! Instead of 'What Would Zaid Hold, it's Who Would Donnie Fight!" :D

Anthony Vincent Real said...
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Anthony Vincent Real said...

Yip Man is the trainer of Bruce Lee.