Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Presenting My First Nokia... The MONSTER 918!

Yesterday, Nokia Malaysia's tweeter @NokiaMy ran this question pass us: What was your first Nokia device?

While there were many who used to have the Nokia 3210, 8210, and 2110, those were still pretty damn new compared to what Suanie and I used to have.

Yes, we used to have a model that is so obscure that even Wikipedia's List of Nokia products states its release date as 'UNKNOWN'!

Behold, the MONSTER Nokia 918!

I got this phone back when I was in UPM, when ADAM (remember that?) was beta testing their pre-paid service (the first of its kind in Malaysia, if I recall) on UPM students. We were among the first in the country to have a pre-paid mobile phone line, and they gave us the 918 together with the plan. Ah, happy memories. It was at this point that pagers started going extinct, I think... LOL.

The 918 came in all sorts of colors. Besides my banana-coloured one, there were also Brinjals, Cucumbers, Carrots and even Chillies. And almost EVERY student in UPM who could afford one had one of these (I could barely afford it myself... I didn't top up the credit very often, but left the service active so my parents could call me.)

Want to know exactly how big it was? Here's a picture comparing it to the E71 (my current Nokia phone).

It was so big that we didn't have a SIM CHIP last time. We had to put the WHOLE CARD INTO THE PHONE!

I mean, seriously, check out how THICK it was!

(Spot the E71)

It's a wonder I could even fit this inside my pocket at the time (Or maybe I just had really big pockets. Wish they had more money in them at the time though... sigh)

It's heavy duty too. I once dropped this down a flight of stairs and it fell one floor down. The battery came off, of course, but when I put it back together, it worked perfectly! I don't know if it still works now though - I dare not try my sim card on it in case it FRIES the damn thing...

Awesome isn't it? Now BEAT THAT, all you 3210 and 3310s! :-D


KY said...

wtf do u still keep it for?

suanie said...

haha it was a friggin' brick! yeah my sister was in UPM, then she gave me the phone. and i remember SMS to all the pre-paid numbers (016, i think???) was free. so sometimes you get random sms from strangers trying their luck to befriend you hahhahahahaha

LT said...

woohooo i had the yellow brick too!! my friend got a leopard print one from i dunno where :)

it was funny, we used to see how far the phone will function outside UPM's boundaries

Bryan said...

Yea, you just reminded me the whole damn sim card need to be in the phone. LoL...

I tried power up the brick ( but the screen only lit for 1 sec, probably the battery is totally dead.

eyeris said...

KY: Because it is the awesomes! PLus I can use it as a weapon!

Suan: Man, those free SMS days were GREAT. haha.

LT: Didn't it function outside campus? I don't remember already. haha.

Bryan: I don't even dare plug it in. Might explode or something. haha.

suanie said...

it did. cos LT passed me her brick together with the SIM ... didn't use it for very long though.

and i just remembered, ADAM was 017

David said...

we wore baggy clothes then... the pockets were bigger thus the phones didn't have to be small.. haha

Bryan said...

Suan, yea ADAM (by Timecel) was 017 and I was using their RM10/month postpaid plan.

I think their company slogan is "The future is loud and clear".

julian said...

Apparently in the Philippines they still have those free sms, and people do random texting. When you regularly text with someone like that, s/he is called your 'text mate'

Dilaila said...

LOL. Wish I'd kept my first nokia. Wasn't as big as that though. lol.

Chokia Forever!

Simon Seow said...

My first Nokia is Nokia 3210

hathyiahusni (MzP) said...

i had that one too!!!! Yelor upm ma!

Carlos Bourgeon said...

Nice phone, but that yellow phone is a Nokia 1610. Regards