Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Rip It Up, Curl It Up!

Last week, me, LL and Reta went all the way to KLCC to stare at Elfie's ass.

Now that is some ass, eh? HAHAHAHA. Best advertisement for Ripcurl EVAR!

We were there for the official Ripcurl launch of their flagship KLCC store on the third floor, and there was food, a runway fashion show and some er... local hip-hop artists performing.

Two things were great for me that day - the food, and the shopping after the event.

The food was pretty damn goooood. Apparently there some special cupcakes as well, but I was too busy stuffing my mouth with the awesome O'Briens sandwiches to notice. Would have been awesome if there were beer to wash it down, but we WERE in the middle of freaking KLCC in a healthy sports lifestyle fashion line's event after all... NO DRUNKARDS ALLOWED. Damn.

After that we went up to the store where we were given a 40% discount for anything Ripcurl and Mooks in the store, and I bought a nice little shirt, while LL bought a handbag. Not bad, not bad. And that's on TOP of the cool caps and laptop cover that they gave out as doorgifts! WOOT! Thanks for the invite, Elfie! Next time please provide booze kthxbai!


KY said...

why reta's head looked so bigggg!

suanie said...

why i wasn't not invited??

eyeris said...

I asked you, remember??? At BErnard's! You said you don't like going for this kind of event wan! LOL

Reta said...

what's wrong with my head now!?!?