Tuesday, 11 May 2010

At My Signal, Unleash Arrows!

Robin Hood

Not a Review.
Should be called Gladiator 2: Battle of Nottingham.
No wait, it's not as good as Gladiator.
Should be called Gladiator Lite: We Are Quite Entertained instead.

Ok, it wasn't bad.
Bloody hell I love those archery scenes.
There's something inherently cool about it,
In the way they wield their bows,
And fire those arrows.
Even better when Cate Blanchett does it.

Ah, Cate Blanchett.
She's getting old, isn't she?
Reminds me of when Michelle Pfiffer started getting old.
All that hotness slipping away. Sigh.
But she's still one hell of a hot mama though,
And one hell of an actress.

Oh, Russell Crowe?
Normal lah. Like Gladiator only.
Always shouting at people,
Staring very scarily at people,
And giving stirring speeches.
Robin Maximus Hood, anyone?
And isn't he a bit OLD to be Robin Hood?
I preferred the Disney fox version better.

And what is it with Mark Strong these days?
Kick-Ass lah, Sherlock Holmes lah,
In Green Lantern he is Sinestro samore.
ALL bad guy roles WTF.
Sooner or later everytime we think of a bad guy,
His face will pop up.

Oh, the movie?
Not bad lah, I liked it.
It's like Gladiator, but with bows and arrows!
I was pretty much entertained.
A bit slow in the middle though,
But the action is not bad.
And the merry men quite merry also!
But best part is still all the bows and arrows WTF!


FA said...

I prefer the man in tights one most. :)

Simon Seow said...

Oxford Dictionary:

Bad/Evil man = Mark Strong? lol

Han said...

i was hoping for the movie to be more though. u sure it was like gladiator? i thought gladie was more dramatic, stirring and suspenseful. robin was much more toned down, considering it is scott's work. but all in all, a decent watch...it's like watching general maximus in his retirement if he had lived in gladie ;)

eyeris said...

Like I said, it's Gladitor Lite. LOL

God said...

i fell asleep until the middle of the show. mana boleh tahan ? although the cinematography is nice but the blardy love stories is weak and not showing enuff tits !!!

bring on MEN IN Tights!!!!!