Tuesday, 4 May 2010

(A) (B) or (C) Will (D)o

1) How often would you prefer to see this blog updated?
(a) Every Day
(b) Once or twice a week
(c) Not Ever

2) Which writing style do you prefer me to write in?
(a) Completely freestyle (i.e. Movie Not-Reviews)
(b) Well-thought out and grammatically correct
(c) In really bad rhymes

3) Do you REALLY want to see pictures of ME here?
(a) Er... not really
(c) Yes, but please wear your Optimus Prime mask.

4) What do you want me to write about?
(a) Pop Culture (movies, music, books etc)
(b) Work (seriously? What for?)
(c) Personal stuff (you don't wanna know, trust me. It's that boring...)


Nobby Nobbs said...

Aiya so lame, but OK lah here goes:

1) B - Because my IT guy keeps track of the sites I visit & EOE runs the risk of being barred if I visit too often. Plus to a sexually frustrated I.T. nerd, EOE sounds like pervy voyeur site.

2) A - Duh! WTF!

3) B - Since you've outed yourself already whats the harm?

4) A - Duh again!

Simon Seow said...

1) B

2) A is Da Best way I like, B way I can read it from The Star wtf.

3) D because I already seen ur pic/face with/without Optimus Prime mask :p

4) A & B is kind of related right?

ShaolinTiger said...

1) - (b)
2) - (a)
3) - (a)
4) - (a)

foxmulderwasright said...


ChinoDevean said...

B, A, A, A

baaa black sheep...

Erna said...

1. B (Because you always busy mah)
2. A (More fun liddat)
3. A (I know what you look likelah)
4. A (DUH?)

Attention whore. Tee hee.

camlok said...

1. B, but I dont mind A :)
2. A
3. A
4. A

Seems like Q2 and Q4's answer is pretty unanimous.

KY said...


DerekTan said...

baaa (not to be mistaken for a sheep!!)

DerekTan said...

baca. only cos ill read this blog..

pun not intended. =P

Anonymous said...

1) B
2) A (current style is more fun to read!)
3) B (already saw b4 wad)
4) mostly A, but I don't mind reading about your B+C

lishun said...


FA said...

c (the mask is too awesome)

Sub said...