Thursday, 20 May 2010

What The Shrek, This Ain't Too Bad!

Shrek Forever After
Not a Review
Aka. Shrek 4
Not too bad actually.
Actually MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the last one
More to the spirit of the first one,
All the way down to the shorty villain.
It's entertaining, but not great.
Looks like Toy Story 3 is DEFINITELY gonna win the smackdown.

Shrek 1 was awesome.
It was fresh, funny, and great fun.
Shrek 2 was not bad,
It was still funny and fun, and there was Puss in Boots!
Shrek 3 was just AWFUL.
Too many tired old spoofs, and recycled jokes.
Like flogging a dead donkey.

Shrek 4? Much better.
Somewhere in between Shrek 1 and 2.
At least this time they didn't overload on the spoofs,
And rely on all those lazy and boring pop culture references.
Oh they still had some here and there,
But it wasn't as lazy and constant as Shrek 3
This time there was actually a decent story!
Can't get over the waffle deux ex machina though WTF.

Even Donkey wasn't as annoying this time around.
Ok, he WAS still annoying sometimes,
But more Shrek 1 annoying than Shrek 3 annoying.
And Puss in Boots is still awesome.
Shrek is still the same though.
He's got to be the hardest-to-like animated lead character EVER.

Overall, not too bad,
I expected it to be bad, but it wasn't
But not as good as How To Train Your Dragon.
Nice touch during the credits though,
Adding scenes from the previous films in it.
Wah quite nostalgic also!
Made me wanna watch Shrek 1 all over again...

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Han said...

Out of 10, what would you give it? Cuz I stopped after Shrek 2. Didn't bothered with 3.