Thursday, 24 June 2010

Another Ip Man movie? That's just not hip, man.

The Legend Is Born: Ip Man
Not a review.
I know what you're thinking.
"ANOTHER Ip Man movie?"
"So soon after the Ip Man 2???"
"Wah really shameless hor?"
"Samore no Donnie Yen, WTF!!??!!??"

But this is more than jsut another copycat.
It's a prequel, for one.
And it's got IP CHUN in it for gods sake.
That old man's really got it.
That fight he has with Ip Man inside a medicine shop is AWESOME.
His acting? Er, not so awesome.
But he's IP CHUN for god's sake!

Oh, that Dennis To kid not too bad.
Acting a bit kayu.
But his fighting is bloody good.
World champion Wing Chun master ok don't play play.
His Wing Chun is actually BETTER than Donnie Yen's!
He was in Ip Man 2, BTW.
He was Sammo Hung's student, the one with misai.

Not bad, this movie also got Yuen Biao
He looks damn old now though.
But that fella still can fight.
Sammo Hung also in it.
But only for a while.
But he fights Yuen Biao! Awesome!

Also got that Jin Shan Zhao guy from Ip Man 1 & 2
The one that got beaten up by Donnie with a feather duster.
Here he's some step-brother of Ip Man.
Tipu one lah, Ip Man never had a step-brother.
The story is half true half fake wan.
Make it more drama konon.

But who cares, the fighting is AWESOME.
When they're not fighitng it's a bit boring.
But when they start fighitng its pretty awesome.
I liked the fighting here more than in Ip Man 2.
But movie -wise, not so great lor.

So now what? Wong Kar Wai's Ip Man?
More Ip Man movies?
Ip Man video games? Board games?
Movies where he fights giant human centipedes?
(Yes I'm looking at you, Wong Fe Hong)
Enough already!
Too much Ip Man makes him not Hip, Man.


Nobby Nobbs said...

Can't wait for the Wong Kah Wai version. I can already imagine it. The whole movie is about Ip Man moping around, sulking and waffling about fighting. Should I fight, should I not fight? Oh woe is me. Here's another arty farty shot of me pondering the need for violence. Here's a shot in slow mo of my fan turning, keeping me cool while I mope some more. Oh and here's one of me smoking a ciggie very, very slowly.....

eyeris said...

And then MAggie Cheung walks by in a cheongsum...


dude take a fucking chill pill its just a great fucking movie with great fighting scenes if it was up to me they'd make a 1000 more of these films! were talking bout YIP MAN! if u could make a movie better than these ones then post a comment, m'kay doll?

Anonymous said...

Better than Donnie Yen??? NOT!!!