Friday, 18 June 2010

The Beer-Flavoured Carbonated Sparkling Water vs. The Balinese Hai.

While you're reading this, I'm probably wandering around the Beerfest Asia 2010 right now, sampling some of the finest beers in the world and having a ball of a time; while you're stuck in the office wishing you had a nice cold pint of beer in front of you right now.

Too bad! HAHAHA!

Anyway, I was in Bali last week, and the two most prominent beers there were Bintang and Bali-Hai. OF COURSE I tried them. DUH.

I found Bintang to be a little weak though. A quick check of the bottle label found a TINY print saying it contains less than 5.5% alcohol, which could mean anything from Shandy-like levels to well, 5.4%; which is pretty standard.

The taste was not bad, but I found it to be bloody gassy. I felt bloated after one or two, and after four or five, I still didn't feel a thing. It was like drinking a beer-flavoured carbonated sparkling water. (It's not as bad as my current vote for WORSE BEER EVER though...) I'd drink it only if I didn't have a choice, which brings me to...

Other than the rather unfortunate name (to a Malaysian, that is. "Mister you want to drink some of my Bali Hai?" oh dear.), the beer was actually pretty good. It had more flavor to it than Bintang, and it certainly had a lot more kick.

Funnily enough, the small bottle I had at a restaurant stated that it has 6% alcohol; but the big bottle I bought at a mini mart later had only 5.5% ABV. Hmmm... Still, it was a lot more satisfying to drink than Bintang, that's for sure... I just wish it had a better sounding name...


suanie said...

fuck! always stuck on bintang cos i thought it was the official bali beer u know. now i know better

thatJames said...

Did you hear, Bali Hai's opened a brewery in Macau. They're calling their beer MacauHai. Hahahah.