Thursday, 3 June 2010

Who The Heck Is Eyeris?

Ok, in view of what I'm gonna be going through this Saturday, I figured some form of introduction is warranted here.

Yeah, I have to do this because I'm not some femes blogger like BeautifulNara, Red Mummy or 3iling. I'm just the second-choice journalist/blogger to go to when Niki Cheong is not available. Sigh...

Anyway, this is me:

And if you're wondering who the hell I am, here's a quick three step guide to who Eyeris is:

  1. I prefer to mention my REAL name here as little as possible, but it's not hard to find out. So if you REALLY need to know my real name, you can go read my column HERE.

  2. If you REALLY need to see a picture of me, I'd prefer you check out the ones HERE, HERE or HERE; instead of that one below where I'm standing together with Ip Chun and two good-looking Hong Kong actors while looking constipated.

  3. My Twitter handle is @EYERIZZZ, with THREE "Z"s at the back. Yup, not one, two, but THREE. Don't ask why, just don't get it wrong, ok? :D

(OK, you can stop laughing and get off the floor now, people.)

(And if you're free on Saturday 10am-9pm, come to the ASTRO B.YOND PVR exhibit at Mid Valley North Court to gawk at me, sitting in a glass enclosure with those other three bloggers!)


eiling lim said...

I'm not fehmes la. See you on Saturday. Bring flasks!

KY said...

there goes ur anonymous blogging career. LOL

Aza said...

GOOD LUCKKKK!! :D and homg, were you serious with the optimus prime mask? hrmmm ... will find out this sat. :P

Deep said...

Watdefuck. Sneak some booze in n layan la quietly

eyeris said...

Deep & eiling: Shhhhhhh.... :D

KY: It was over once I started hanging out with you jokers. haha.

Aza: Haha. We'll see, we'll see. :D

Myhorng said...

what an intro. LOL

vincent said...

femes? never heard of them before...hahahah