Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Best Beer I've Had In SIX LONG YEARS

Forget Heineken.
Forget Carlsberg.
Forget Hoegaarden.
Forget Paulaner.
Forget Tiger.
Forget every single lager or wheat beer you can buy in Malaysia.

For me, these are THE best beers EVER. These are beers that I can drink over and over again, and never get sick of. I last tasted them a whole SIX YEARS ago when I was in Poland; and finally, six years later, I finally got to drink them again when I was in Vienna. And guess what? Even after six years, they STILL TASTE AS GOOD AS I REMEMBERED.

So, what beers are these? Well, the first one is called....... Budweiser.

No it's not that piss-poor American shit they pass off for beer - this is the original Budweiser from the Czech Republic: Budweiser Budvar.

I remember the first time I tried this beer. I was in Prague, and a friend passed me a can of this out of the blue. One look at the label, and I was like, "What the fuck dude, BUDWEISER???" Then he told me to try it first, and so I did.

Holy shit this is a good beer. It's one of the few beers that I've tasted that I actually LIKED upon the first taste, and STILL like it five cans in. and it's nothing like that US piss, trust me. (for the backstory on the Budweiser trademark, go HERE).

The other beer is even better, for me at least, and not just because I have a greater sentimental attachment to this beer.

Behold, ┼╗ywiec, from Poland!

Ok, it's not exactly my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE beer from Poland (that distinction goes to Tyskie), it's still one of my favorite beers EVER. Why? It's hard to explain, but put it this way - after six long years since I last drank it, I finally found a can in Vienna today, and after finishing it in record time, I decided to go and get another four cans - three to drink, one to bring home. Why? Because it is THAT GOOD, and I wasn't sure when I would be able to drink it again.

Yes, I'm bias towards Polish beers and vodkas, but I wouldn't be bias if they were crap, would I? Never mind all those fancy schmancy beers or craft beers I've been drinking lately; or even the ones I tried in Austria and Germany - Polish beer for me will always be THE BEST beers I have ever had.

Until I go to Belgium, of course... Heh.


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ShaolinTiger said...

Budvar is awesome, that's why I was shocked first time I tried the yanky Budweiser...cos I grew up with the real Bud haha.

Never tried Zyweic tho, must give it at try one day.

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