Friday, 16 July 2010

By Odin! What have you done, Kenneth?

A while ago, a first picture of the new Thor was released, and this was it:

Not bad not bad. At the time I thought this looked promising.

Then, just a few days back, another new picture was released, and it features Thor's daddy ODIN (played by Anthony Hopkins) and his (half?) brother Loki.

Problem is, the photo really doesn't give me much confidence in the movie...

THAT'S ODIN? What's with the BLING BLING golden eyepatch??!??? And That Power Rangers armour???!!?? What are you trying to do to the MIGHTY THOR, Kenneth Branagh???? Turn him into the Red Power Ranger, and Loki into the Green Power Ranger?

Oh, and there's another picture of Odin here as well, but it still ain't helping to ease my worries.

Speaking of green, Entertainment Weekly's also got the first look at Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern!

Now THAT'S much better... Marvel better start looking over their shoulders, cos DC's gonna give them a run for their superhero money next year!


rita said...

ryan reynold's not wearing any costumes during filming, it was cgi painted, just like dr manhattan in watchmen.

Han said...

Reminds me of Rebecca Romijn Stamos as Mystique in X-Men *grins*