Friday, 23 July 2010

Eyeris @ Comic Con, Day 1: Five Cool Things

What a first day it's been. Between rushing for the Tron: Legacy press conference and then lining up for almost 2 hours to get into Hall H, I didn't get to grab as much swag as I would have liked. But never fear, there are a few more days of Comic Con to go...

Anyway, it's midnight here and I need to go to sleep soon. So here's a quick recap of what I thought was really cool in the first day of Comic Con!

1) Geek God Matchup!
Joss Whedon = Cool.
J.J. Abrams = Cool.
Whedon AND Abrams together in the same panel... = AWESOME!

(Also, Whedon OFFICIALLY announcing that he will be directing the Avengers movie!)

2) The Expendables panel.
Stallone, Lundgren, Stone Cold, Crews, Willis. So much testosterone on stage that Harry Knowles had to be 'the estrogen'. The movie looks absolutely MENTAL.

3) TRON: LEGACY. New trailer up!

4) Superman and Captain America on the Scott Pilgrim panel! (well, sort of)

5) Costumes. Hot babes. 'Nuff said.


thenomadGourmand said...

Better than me here in Seoul! ;p

KY said...


Reta said...

i want to go too god damnnnnn. why wont they send me wahhhhhh

Simon Seow said...

Buffy Lost in Marvel? Nice!