Thursday, 15 July 2010

I'd Recognise That Cleavage Anywhere

The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
Not a review.
Hmm, not too bad.
Fun, formulaic kid's movie.
Like Percy Jackson without the Greek Gods.

Nicholas Cage.
Not annoying.
This is like his second movie in a row he's not annoying.
Between this and Kick-Ass,
He's winning back a lot of his goodwill.
With me at least.
(I still can't forgive him for Ghost Rider though)

Jay Baruchel is kinda annoying though.
Though I expected that from him.
Usual loser geek role mar.
I don't think he knows how to act in any other role.

Oooh Monica Belucci.
At first I thought it wasn't her,
But then I'd recognize that cleavage anywhere.
Cleavage rating: 10!
That Teresa Palmer chick also quite hot.
Didn't show as much cleavage though.

Ok lah, quite fun.
Mindless kiddie stuff.
Oooh, got homages to Toy Story and Fantasia!
Even got that broom and mops scene from Fantasia!
Music and all!

Effects also not bad.
Too much HADOUKEN! for me though.
Was expecting that Chinese dude to do the SHORYUKEN too.
But overall quite ok.
Formulaic, but fun.
And there's Monica Belucci's boobs after all...


rita said...

monica belluci was once old alrdy!!!

Jingler said...

At which part of the movie do you saw her cleavage? Could you please tell?