Thursday, 22 July 2010

Eyeris @ Comic Con, Day 0: Preview of what's to come

Greetings from the San Diego Comic-Con, the greatest geek fest in the world! I just got here like 6 hours ago, and spent three of those hours running around collecting freebies in the Comic-Con exhibition halls during the convention's Preview Night.

Yup, the Comic Con hasn't even started officially yet, and already I've got a bag full of swag! MUAHAHA!

And since it took me around 36 hours just to get here (waiting, delays, flight etc) I'm gonna go crash first (it's almost 11pm here). Besides, the next four days are going to be MAD, so I'll need all the sleep I can get!

Oh, and before I go, here's a nice teaser of what you can see at Comic-Con:


Kimberly Low said...

damn u!!!!!!!!!!

Han said...

Do you happen to go to BlizzCon also?