Monday, 5 July 2010

You Paid HOW MUCH for that Vodka???

Check out what I found at the Vienna Airport last week:

That's a bottle of Kauffman vodka. Yeah yeah, very nice bottle, so what? It's just another bottle of vodka right? Well, take a look at the price tag below it:

No, that's not 69 Euros. That's 6900 Euros. SIX FREAKING THOUSAND AND NINE BLOODY HUNDRED EUROS. That's almost TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND RINGGIT. For a bottle of vodka. Do you know how many bottles of Russian Standard Imperia I can get for THAT price?

It's supposed to be the only vodka in the WORLD to have a specific vintage, and only a very low number of bottles are produced every year.

Still, RM28000 for a vodka? I think I'll stick to Russian Standard, thank you very much...

PS: I've been having a blast going through the liqour and beers sections in Vienna and Munich. Couldn't decide what to buy back.
PSS: Yes FA, there's also mini bottle of Austrian schnapps with your name on it. haha.


Update (5:50pm, Austrian time):

Ah, stupid me. Vincent was right, I checked the price again just now and it IS only 69 Euros. BIG BIG boo boo. Read about the vodka in my Vodka Classified book which said only Russian oil Billionaires could afford a bottle of Kauffman. Turns out it´s only 69 Euros, which is only about RM280. I think you can only buy a Russian Brides left nipple for that price.

Sorry about the mistake everyone! :-P


KY said...

for that amount i think u can get a russian wife.

Anonymous said...

Poke! Ur having too much fun!

At the risk of sounding damn greedy - bring me back more mini bottles of booze pls bitch!!!

育財育財 said...


vincent said...

You sure?

Isn't the comma their equivalent for our decimals? Isn't EUR6900 written 6.900?

But on a similar note, check out Louis XIII whiskey

I would kill for just one shot of that