Thursday, 19 August 2010

Superman! Eomer! Scott Pilgrim! Jet Li! Beyond!

I don't usually take many pictures with celebrities when I'm at work. One, I'm shy. Two, I just don't like taking pictures that much. And for every picture I HAVE taken, are a whole lot more I WISH I'd had the guts to just get up and ask the celebrity if I could take the picture (I'm not as great a rock star stalker as Reta, see...)

Anyway, in a classic case of showing off, are some pictures I HAVE taken of some of the celebrities I've met before, some with me in it, some without, some nice, some blur. I also want to preserve some of these memories here, because I lost SO many when my HD crashed the last time.

Neil Gaiman
(Singapore, 2005)
This was the first time I'd met Gaiman, and probably the first time I was star-struck after three years on the job. Also helped that it was one of the most entertaining press conferences EVER.

Jay Chou
(Fearless, Taipei 2006)
I've spoken to Jay Chou a couple times already, but this is the only and favorite picture I've got of him. And he wasn't even in the movie.

Michael Cera & Jason Schwartzman
(Scott Pilgrim, LA 2010)
These two jokers gave one of the funniest interviews during this assignment last month. Michael Cera is AWESOME.

Karl Urban
(Priest, San Diego Comic-Con, 2010)
Never mind Bones, the minute I found out I was going to interview Urban, I knew I HAD to try to get a reference to Eomer into the questions somewhere. ROHIRRIM! TO THE KING!

Chris Martin
(Singapore, 2005)
I didn't get to interview him that day (I got the drummer instead), but this was a pretty memorable moment nonetheless. Cracking concert though.

Brandon Routh
(Scott Pilgrim junket, LA 2010)
I met Superman. Beat THAT. And he even remembered me from the interviews for Superman Returns five years ago. Eeee bangganya.

Maggie Q
(Priest, San Diego Comic Con 2010)
She's even hotter in real life. Really. Oh, and I dropped a reference to her Hong Kong movies during the interview, and she was suitably embarrassed. haha.

Jet Li
(Fearless, Taipei 2006)
Jet Li was awesome during our interview. he was constantly fidgeting, sitting cross legged on his chair, but was very talkative and funny yet philosophical throughout the interview. Awesome guy. (Oh dear, look at my hair)

Jacky Cheung
(Snow Wolf Lake, Kuala Lumpur 2005)
I have another picture of me and Jacky, but I lost it when my HD crashed. Sigh. Until the next time I talk to him (I've interviewed him four times already), I guess this will have to do.

(Genting Highlands, 2005)
One of my greatest regrets is not watching Beyond when Wong Ka Kui was still alive. When the remaining three members came down for a concert in 2005, I instantly volunteered for the assignment. This is one of my favorite pictures EVER.


michellezyenn said...

LANCI! Maggie Q is so gorgeous!!

陳一豪 said...

Why did you not offer to test Jet Li's karng foo?????

KY said...

woohoo watched beyond with 4 members back in the days with horny :D

eyeris said...


Chan: Bcos I dowan to dai?

Michelle: She's even hotter in person! :D

Reta said...

Your celebs' pictures kick MY celebs' pictures anytime. I wanna meet cera and jason tooooo eeeyerrr

Monkticon said...

sighs... *envy* maggie q.. *envy*

Jasonmumbles said...

Wow, Maggie Q is hot. Ahaks.

LOL @ your hairstyle. :P

mina said...

ow. my. God. aku iriiiiiiii!

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foxmulderwasright said...

I so want yr job.

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Inn said...

so glamer. menchi!!!!

lishun said...

90% of your readers hate you. true story.