Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Heart That Car Crash

To tell the truth, I never heard of Car Crash Hearts until Elfie (COME BACK ELFIE WE MISS YOU!) started pimping them on her Twitter, asking us to vote for them in some contest. Then when we met up one day, she passed me a CD and told me to "Say nice things about them OKAAAAY!" in the sort of non-threatening tone that suggests that she will burn my house down and drink all my booze if I didn't. :-p

But I DO have nice things to say about this EP. I never heard of the Car Crash Hearts (BTW, did they name themselves after a FALL OUT BOY song? Oh dear...) before listening to this, and I have to say the band actually does sound promising.

Of the three English songs, Just A Face In The Crowd - is probably the most memorable; while the slower Sometimes I Wonder is not bad either. Go! is ok, though I have to say the vocals were a bit raw in that one...

Surprisingly, I actually liked the the Malay songs more here, especially Rahsia and Kawan; which go a long way to showing that Malay rock music doesn't have to be all jiwang or rempit rock. I'm guessing they'd be pretty awesome live, BTW. :D

The EP should be out already, though I'm not sure where you can get them. Rock Records, maybe? Or you can just go ask them yourselves on MySpace, Facebook or Twitter!

Support local music yo!

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