Thursday, 12 August 2010

Jimmy Invented The World Then Ate It.

One band I will ALWAYS put in my top five most favorite bands list is Jimmy Eat World. I've loved almost every single album the band have released, and Bleed American and Futures rank as my two favorite albums EVER.

The band is releasing a new album called Invented next month, and already have a new single out from that album called My Best Theory is out now, you can stream it HERE. It sounds pretty unremarkable at first, but it grows on you after a few listens. Kinda like a softer version of Bleed American, if you ask me...

Still, it's a new Jimmy Eat World song, so I ain't complaining. Can't wait for the new album to come out! Woot!


quaintly said...

wait, who's gonna watch them in concert again? hmmmm

eyeris said...

IHATECHU. A curse on your offspring! May they only like listening to Justin Bieber! MUAHAHA! :-p