Monday, 2 August 2010

Who Is Salt? Who Cares?

Not a review.
Who is Salt?
Salt is Angelina Jolie.
And no one else.

Oh look it's Angelina Jolie in bra and panties getting tortured!
And hey! There's Angelina Jolie as a blond chick!
Oh, and here's Angelina Jolie running away!
And Angelina Jolie with black hair.
And Angelina Jolie again.
And again. And again.
WTF, isn't there ANYONE ELSE in this movie besides Angelina Jolie?

Sigh, I used to worship at the Temple of Jolie.
But she just ain't as hot anymore.
So scrawny now, first Wanted then here.
And her face is so sunken like a skeleton.
The lips are still there.
But they were never my favorite part of Jolie anyway.

This movie needs more than a pinch of salt.
Or maybe just a little bit more JOLLY.
Instead of just Jolie Jolie Jolie Jolie.
The action scenes are ok.
But just nothing new lor.
Should have spent my money to watch Inception again.


KY said...

too frail already me think, esp. for action movie

Nilesh said...

totally agree - shud've spent money on Inception... this movie is lame - so cliche and nothing suspense - she looks plain as hell... except the lips ;)

at one point she even looked like the late MJ

Jasonmumbles said...

You actually paid money to watch movie? Haha.

Allan Koay said...

Eyeris went all the way to Comic-Con and all i got was this lousy novel which i lent him in the first place. :P

Julie Lim said...

You're right about Jolie's face sunken like a skeleton. I too noticed she has become so haggard. Moral of the story - don't have too many kids.