Monday, 27 September 2010

Top 3 Celebs I'd Love to *Ahem*

3 Celebrities you'd love to *ahem*. Audrey started it. Shaolintiger continued it, then Suanie did it. Now it's my turn. 'Nuff said.


1) Zooey Deschanel

What is it about Zooey? Is it because she's so cute?

Is it her ahem, assets?

No. It's her eyes. They make me melt. *sighhh*

That, plus I have a thing for cute, bubbly, kooky chicks. With gorgeous eyes. Le sigh.


2) Megan Fox

A bit of a no brainer, this one, considering how much I've gone on about her on this blog:

Also helps that I've actually MET her...

And now, the obligatory iconic Transformers car hood shot:

I don't think she's ever been hotter than she was in this scene.


3) Eliza Dushku

My list tends to change based on what I'm watching at the moment. I just finished Dollhouse, hence this particular choice...

You should see her in Dollhouse, guys. She's a different, hot personality in almost every episode, from a hot secretary to a kick-ass cat burglar to a glamorous singer and even a dominatrix dressed up in leather.

Of course, it helps that she also looks like THIS:

Hubba hubba hubba.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Crappy Interviews: This Journalist's Version

The other day, David Lian shared a link called "The 10 Types Of Crappy Interviewees" on Twitter . Sure, it was funny, but they were all examples of interviewees at job interviews, which have nothing to do with the sort of 'interviewees' I have to face on MY job. So I couldn't really relate to it (though I DO get some of those kind of idiots at my interviews).

You see, my sort of interviewees are a lot different from people who turn up for job interviews. I have to get good quotes out of the interviewee, and pick his mind so I can understand a particular issue I'm writing about. I have to do all these things AND wonder how his answers can fit into the story I have planned. If the interviewee is crappy, it makes my job that much harder, because then I'll have to fill it up with needless facts and figures or bullshit.

But anyway,you think you job interviewers have it bad? Check out some of the situations I've found myself in... (These are not just about crappy interviewees, but more like crappy interview situations I've found myself in, so it involves PR agents, managers, and so on as well...)



(At the end of the interview)

: So, Mr. So-Snd-So, thank you for your time, it's been a good interview...

PR Agent: *interrupts me mid-sentence, in front of the interviewee* BUT you haven't asked him about so-and-so product and why he thinks it is so good!

Me: Oh I did, but that's not my only focus of the stor...

PR Agent: But I think you should ask him about it! So, Mr. So-And-So, why don't you tell him how you came about to be our product's spokesperson and bla bla bla...



Me: So, how was it working on this project?

Interviewee: Hmph, like that lor. Nothing special.

Me: But how different was it from other jobs?

Interviewee: Nothing different lor. It's just another job to me. They asked me to appear in the movie, so I appeared in the movie lor.

Me: .........



Me: So, tell me about your insanely awesome project.

Interviewee: *takes out marketing brochure and reads it word for word* Our project is done like this because we want to be bla bla bla....

Me: But what can you tell me about it that is NOT on the brochure? What about the impact of this project on this particular issue?

Interviewee: Err... Um... I don't know wor. You have to ask our engineer.



Me: So, how is your family doing?

Interviewee: Er... er... *looks, wild eyed, at PR agent*

PR Agent: *interrupts* I'm sorry, but please do not ask any personal questions...



Snotty manager of prominent K-pop star: Oh, my client doesn't have TIME for all these interviews. Please cut this one, this one, and that one out.

Me: Oooh, they cut me out. AWESOME. No need to do work.

Sponsor of prominent K-pop star's concert: NOOOOOOOO!!!! YOU CANNOT CUT THAT PAPER OUT!!!!!!!



(One day before interview)

PR Agent: Can you send me a list of questions you will be asking so the client can prepare?

Me: I usually prefer not to, but here's a few 'general' questions...

(The next day, the 'client' turns up with an 'answer sheet' and proceeds to READ answers from the paper. Unfortunately for him, I didn't ask a SINGLE QUESTION from the list I gave earlier...)

Monday, 20 September 2010

Who? Whoo? Ga'HOOOOOOOOOOOle....

The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole
Not a review.
What's a Ga'Hoole?
Damned if I know.
It's pretty amusing to say though.

Owls are always awesome.
Such majestic creatures,
Flying by night,
Soaring through the skies silently....
Such wonderful, wonderful birds.
Until they open their mouths and start talking.
In British accents.
(Which IS far better than them talking in American accents, IMHO)

The story is so-so only,
A bit predictable and cliched.
Young kid faces fears and follows his dreams,
Then goes on to save the world bla bla bla.
(It IS made by the 'people who brought you Happy Feet' after all)
Characters also so cliche.
And by god the lead owl's earnestness is so ANNOYING.

It's pretty too.
If you can, watch it in 3D.
Actually, scratch that.
You HAVE to watch it in 3D
Because the 3D animation is GORGEOUS.
Even better than How To Train A Dragon, I dare say.

The action is awesome though.
The flying scenes are beautiful,
And the owl fights are brilliant.
It's like 300, but with owls!
(It's even directed by Zack Snyder, fer gods sake).

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Malaysia Day: The Day The Country Was Born

Yes, another filler post for another upcoming holiday. But hor, this time it's a very special holiday. Because hor macha, ini cuti very special. It's the first ever Malaysia Day holiday!

Kalau tanya gua hor, Malaysia Day should have been celebrated LONG TIME ago. Sebab hor, Malaysia isn't just about that one day in 1957 when Malaya got our Merdeka. IT's also about our machas over in Sabah and Sarawak, who joined us in 16 September 1963.

Merdeka Day was when we were conceived. Malaysia Day is the day we were born.

It may not have grown up fully yet, and is still prone to stupid and extreme acts of childishness, but hey, didn't we all go through that phase once in our lifetime?

And now, I will shamelessly post the following DiGi ad and commercial, pilfered shamelessly from Pinkpau's blog, not just because I'm lazy, but also because they are just too damn awesome NOT to spread around.

Happy Malaysia Day, everyone!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Jiwang Tuesday: Tak Jiwang Langsung! Selamat Balik Kampung!

I know it's a bit early, but...


If you're traveling this week, be careful on the roads, ok? And here's a special Hari Raya Jiwang Tuesday (which is not jiwang at all!) for all you folks out there!

Sudirman - Balik Kampung

Friday, 3 September 2010

BFM 89.9 : Best Freakin' Media! Broadcasting For Me!

I HATE listening to Malaysian radio. It doesn't matter if its Hitz or Mix or Fly or whatever - I can't stand the annoying DJs, the long, never-ending commercials, and above all, the crappy mainstream music that seems to consist solely of the same hip-hop and Dustbin Bieber shit repeated every hour.

That's until BFM: The Business Station came along.

Now THIS is a godsend. Besides the fact that they keep the commercials short and sweet, the DJs don't resort to stupid gimmicks and dumb jokes to 'entertain' listeners, and best of all, they play AWESOME MUSIC.

I'm talking CLASSIC ROCK stuff from Led Zep, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, intermixed with 90's rock like Pearl Jam, Oasis (and not just Wonderwall and Don't Look Back In Anger; but lesser known stuff like Whatever and Live Forever); and even some indie rock as well (It's the only radio station I've heard The National on!).

No Dustbin Bieber or Black Arsed Piss here, it's awesome all the way! (But cut down on the Creed please, guys)

Their talk shows are really good as well - covering a whole lot of subjects from the usual business stuff to some other stuff like having ShaolinTiger and Timothy Tiah on air to talk about blogging and Project Alpha, and so on. In fact, I realized one day that I'd rather listen to people TALKING on BFM than listen to that crap music and commercials on the OTHER stations. It's THAT good.

Heck, sometimes I think they're just broadcasting for me alone, because no one else (besides the really cool people I know, of course) seem to listen to them.

But anyway, today's BFM's 2nd Birthday, and they've got old radio veterans like Patrick Teoh (who is on right now as I speak!), Yasmin Yusoff and Faridah Merican on air for ONE DAY ONLY... just because they're cool like that!

They've also got big plans for the station, but you'll have to go read Suanie's post on that one!

So Happy Birthday BFM! May you live long and prosper and keep being AWESOME ALL THE WAY! And YOU, stop complaining that Malaysian radio SUCKS, and START LISTENING TO BFM89.9 ALREADY!


PS: If you can't get BFM from where you are, you can listen to them LIVE on the Internet, or stream their video of the DJs goofing around in the studio! Just go to their website and search for the links!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Super Non-Halal Vodka

When I was doing 'research' for one of my Tipsy-Turvy columns, I stumbled upon an article that mentioned bacon-flavoured vodka. I didn't really think much about it then, until Deep actually blogged about it later on, and his post included a few links to recipes on how to make your own bacon vodka.

And since I had about half a bottle of vodka left from the free bottle I won from air-guitaring at the Absolut Rock party, I decided, what the heck, lets try to make some bacon vodka!

It's actually really easy. First you get some bacon, and fry it:

You can either leave it in strips, or cut them into chips like I did:

Now that you have your nicely fried bacon, get your bottle of vodka:

And dump all the bacon inside!

Yeah, looks damn yucky, I know.

Anyway, the next step is to keep the bottle aside in a cupboard for about 3 weeks.

At the end of 3 weeks, put the bottle into the freezer to solidify the fat, and then use coffee filter paper to filter it.

At the end of it, you should get a very nice golden colored vodka that actually smells exactly like bacon (albeit with a very strong vodka kick).

After all that, how does it taste?


No kidding. Bacon vodka may sound a little yucky, but it actually tastes BRILLIANT. Fireangel will attest to it, we actually tried it neat for the first time two weeks ago at a little Drink Eyeris' Booze get-together, and it was great!

At first taste, it tastes exactly like bacon - freshly-fried bacon; and then the vodka kicks in. And the finish is a nice, lingering bacon flavor.

Whoever first thought of infusing bacon with vodka, I salute you. Heck if the commercially produced BAKON VODKA tastes anything like what I made, then someone needs to start bringing bottles of the stuff here RIGHT NOW!

Though I reckon that we're gonna need some SUPER-non-halal stickers to slap to them bottles....