Friday, 3 September 2010

BFM 89.9 : Best Freakin' Media! Broadcasting For Me!

I HATE listening to Malaysian radio. It doesn't matter if its Hitz or Mix or Fly or whatever - I can't stand the annoying DJs, the long, never-ending commercials, and above all, the crappy mainstream music that seems to consist solely of the same hip-hop and Dustbin Bieber shit repeated every hour.

That's until BFM: The Business Station came along.

Now THIS is a godsend. Besides the fact that they keep the commercials short and sweet, the DJs don't resort to stupid gimmicks and dumb jokes to 'entertain' listeners, and best of all, they play AWESOME MUSIC.

I'm talking CLASSIC ROCK stuff from Led Zep, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, intermixed with 90's rock like Pearl Jam, Oasis (and not just Wonderwall and Don't Look Back In Anger; but lesser known stuff like Whatever and Live Forever); and even some indie rock as well (It's the only radio station I've heard The National on!).

No Dustbin Bieber or Black Arsed Piss here, it's awesome all the way! (But cut down on the Creed please, guys)

Their talk shows are really good as well - covering a whole lot of subjects from the usual business stuff to some other stuff like having ShaolinTiger and Timothy Tiah on air to talk about blogging and Project Alpha, and so on. In fact, I realized one day that I'd rather listen to people TALKING on BFM than listen to that crap music and commercials on the OTHER stations. It's THAT good.

Heck, sometimes I think they're just broadcasting for me alone, because no one else (besides the really cool people I know, of course) seem to listen to them.

But anyway, today's BFM's 2nd Birthday, and they've got old radio veterans like Patrick Teoh (who is on right now as I speak!), Yasmin Yusoff and Faridah Merican on air for ONE DAY ONLY... just because they're cool like that!

They've also got big plans for the station, but you'll have to go read Suanie's post on that one!

So Happy Birthday BFM! May you live long and prosper and keep being AWESOME ALL THE WAY! And YOU, stop complaining that Malaysian radio SUCKS, and START LISTENING TO BFM89.9 ALREADY!


PS: If you can't get BFM from where you are, you can listen to them LIVE on the Internet, or stream their video of the DJs goofing around in the studio! Just go to their website and search for the links!


camlok said...

Can't recieve it at my place. Though I listen to KOIT at work (online la, cannot recieve radio wave in my cubicle)

陳一豪 said...

Fuck their inane jokes just annoy the shit out of me, its like the MTV of radio.

Lets find a DJ and beat the shit out of him.

Mix and lite is still not too bad. Especially love Lite on Sunday evenings for Swing Time.

eyeris said...

camlok: stream the station live!

KY said...

bfm is my #1 radio station yo!

suanie said...

best malaysian radio station ever!

rita said...

you guys reaching the mature/old stage already thats why your taste of entertaiment have old r u? pushing towards balding?...if ya, that means you're ppl know they're cool... and dont brag abt it ok.

eyeris said...

Sure, keep telling yourself that, kid. Wait till you get to our age (yeah we're all old fogies here) then come tell me what's cool. haha

Reta Lee said...

I also likeeeee i wan zack yusof's job there =P

Din said...

BFM occasionally slips up. Last year, they played a non-song from non-singer paris hilton.

Wilson J Q Quah said...

BFM me love long long time