Friday, 24 September 2010

Crappy Interviews: This Journalist's Version

The other day, David Lian shared a link called "The 10 Types Of Crappy Interviewees" on Twitter . Sure, it was funny, but they were all examples of interviewees at job interviews, which have nothing to do with the sort of 'interviewees' I have to face on MY job. So I couldn't really relate to it (though I DO get some of those kind of idiots at my interviews).

You see, my sort of interviewees are a lot different from people who turn up for job interviews. I have to get good quotes out of the interviewee, and pick his mind so I can understand a particular issue I'm writing about. I have to do all these things AND wonder how his answers can fit into the story I have planned. If the interviewee is crappy, it makes my job that much harder, because then I'll have to fill it up with needless facts and figures or bullshit.

But anyway,you think you job interviewers have it bad? Check out some of the situations I've found myself in... (These are not just about crappy interviewees, but more like crappy interview situations I've found myself in, so it involves PR agents, managers, and so on as well...)



(At the end of the interview)

: So, Mr. So-Snd-So, thank you for your time, it's been a good interview...

PR Agent: *interrupts me mid-sentence, in front of the interviewee* BUT you haven't asked him about so-and-so product and why he thinks it is so good!

Me: Oh I did, but that's not my only focus of the stor...

PR Agent: But I think you should ask him about it! So, Mr. So-And-So, why don't you tell him how you came about to be our product's spokesperson and bla bla bla...



Me: So, how was it working on this project?

Interviewee: Hmph, like that lor. Nothing special.

Me: But how different was it from other jobs?

Interviewee: Nothing different lor. It's just another job to me. They asked me to appear in the movie, so I appeared in the movie lor.

Me: .........



Me: So, tell me about your insanely awesome project.

Interviewee: *takes out marketing brochure and reads it word for word* Our project is done like this because we want to be bla bla bla....

Me: But what can you tell me about it that is NOT on the brochure? What about the impact of this project on this particular issue?

Interviewee: Err... Um... I don't know wor. You have to ask our engineer.



Me: So, how is your family doing?

Interviewee: Er... er... *looks, wild eyed, at PR agent*

PR Agent: *interrupts* I'm sorry, but please do not ask any personal questions...



Snotty manager of prominent K-pop star: Oh, my client doesn't have TIME for all these interviews. Please cut this one, this one, and that one out.

Me: Oooh, they cut me out. AWESOME. No need to do work.

Sponsor of prominent K-pop star's concert: NOOOOOOOO!!!! YOU CANNOT CUT THAT PAPER OUT!!!!!!!



(One day before interview)

PR Agent: Can you send me a list of questions you will be asking so the client can prepare?

Me: I usually prefer not to, but here's a few 'general' questions...

(The next day, the 'client' turns up with an 'answer sheet' and proceeds to READ answers from the paper. Unfortunately for him, I didn't ask a SINGLE QUESTION from the list I gave earlier...)


Robb said...

Hahaha wong chau sang inside

fresh said...

LOL at the snotty management :D

Dils said...

I LOL at the jaded celebrity.

You must be trying so hard to refrain from typing out assholes in the article.

Kahani said...

The condescending smartass

Me: So how has the experience blabla for you?

Smartass: Wonderful.

Me: How so?

Smartass: What part of wonderful do you not get?

Mei Ying said...

Hahaha I can relate as was in the PR industry for a short while.

To be fair, over enthusiasm and pushiness became a must if client is not smart enough to slip in the important msg the company wants to deliver to the public. :p livelihood ma..

for overly prepared interview, no choice also. there were clients who said "I don't want this question and this one and that one also' when we presented ANTICIPATED questions. Then we had to explain what anticipated means -.-

But ya, I feel you LOL

zyrin said...

heh. the snotty management one. the sponsor must've had a heart attack.

lp said...

HAHAHAHA so true!

Allan Koay said...

hey, there are loads more crappy interviewers than there are interviewees, ok. especially those who ask stupid questions like "how do you feel about winning this award/football match/million ringgit?"


eyeris said...

I personally like the idiot who stood up in a press conference, last question, and she asks: "Why did you dye your hair blonde?" LOL

minishorts said...

i currently work for the last type ... eh sometimes we can't help it u know hahaha ... bosses to kiasee what to do?