Monday, 27 September 2010

Top 3 Celebs I'd Love to *Ahem*

3 Celebrities you'd love to *ahem*. Audrey started it. Shaolintiger continued it, then Suanie did it. Now it's my turn. 'Nuff said.


1) Zooey Deschanel

What is it about Zooey? Is it because she's so cute?

Is it her ahem, assets?

No. It's her eyes. They make me melt. *sighhh*

That, plus I have a thing for cute, bubbly, kooky chicks. With gorgeous eyes. Le sigh.


2) Megan Fox

A bit of a no brainer, this one, considering how much I've gone on about her on this blog:

Also helps that I've actually MET her...

And now, the obligatory iconic Transformers car hood shot:

I don't think she's ever been hotter than she was in this scene.


3) Eliza Dushku

My list tends to change based on what I'm watching at the moment. I just finished Dollhouse, hence this particular choice...

You should see her in Dollhouse, guys. She's a different, hot personality in almost every episode, from a hot secretary to a kick-ass cat burglar to a glamorous singer and even a dominatrix dressed up in leather.

Of course, it helps that she also looks like THIS:

Hubba hubba hubba.


KY said...

the first pic of megan fox just looks .. weird :S

simon said...

"in college, they used to call me anal girl..." gotta love her. btw does anyone else think zooey and katy perry look like long lost twins?

winter gurl said...

Megan is sexy and hot ever

Allan Koay said...

check it out:

suanie said...

oooo zooey has nice breasts

eyeris said...

Allan: I know. but funnily enough, if you Google 'eyeris', the number one hit is this blog. haha.

skyler said...

zooey is a fantastic choice!