Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Megamind? Nevermind.

Mega Not A Review.
Mega Predictable.
Mega Meh.
Bah, never mind.

Will Ferrell: Mega Blah.
Brad Pitt: Mega Super Meh.
Tina Fey: Mega Cliche.
Jonah Hill: Mega Annoying.

That's a FISH.
SURELY you could have come up with something funnier for him.
Something FUNNIER to say, or a FUNNY GAG.
Think of all that wasted potential!!!

Why does this movie remind me of Monsters Vs. Aliens so much?
Is it the BIG BLUE HEAD?
Is it the indistinguishable lead female voices?
Is it the predictable storyline?
Or is it the fact that half the jokes SOUND THE SAME ANYWAY?

I guess it isn't THAT bad.
Still ok mindless entertainment.
Maybe I shouldn't have watched this after two days of continuous Futurama.
Maybe then the jokes wouldn't seem so lame then.
Or maybe I should stop watching so many movies.
Then maybe I would have enjoyed this,
(God knows everyone else did)
Oh well. Mega nevermind.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Lies As We Know It

Life As We Know It.
Not a Review.
Saw this thanks to MSN Buzz!
Wah I never knew rom-coms were so great!
I never seen a movie like this before!
Such an unpredictable storyline!
Such witty and unpredictable dialogue
Eat your heart out Inception!

Mismatched couple falling in love eventually!
Such a great idea, why didn't anyone think about it before?
Josh Duhamel as the handsome womanizer!
Katherine Heigl as the uptight, straight laced girl!
Wah the casting so perfect!
Surely the performances of their lives!

Katherine Heigl is so cute!
Such a cute smile!
Hmm, where have I seen her before?
Didn't she win an Oscar or something?
Was she in Inception? Lord of the Rings?
No wait, don't tell me...
She was in Avatar!
No? Hmmm...

But wait...
There's an unpredictable twist to the plot!
Who saw THAT one coming?
What are they going to do now?
Oh noes!

Haha so funny!
Baby shit jokes!
Baby vomit jokes!
Baby spitting food on face!
Diaper changes!
Such original jokes!

Wah the ending so kan chiong also!
Have to rush to airport!
Quick quick quick or you won't catch him!
Best movie evar!
After this I dowan to watch all those sci-fi stuff oledi.
Because if all rom-coms are this original,
Who needs Inception eh?
Give this movie an Oscar!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Taken > Takers > Tekken

Not a review.
"We're takers.. we take"
What a brilliant line.
Let's say it again.
"We're takers.. That's what we do, we take"

There's Anakin, who's the best one there,
There's Paul Walker, who doesn't seem to do much,
There's Idris Elba, whose British accent is pretty cool,
There's Michael Ealy, who gets the girl,
There's Chris Brown, who runs around a lot,
And there's T.I., whose voice is fucking annoying.
What are their specialties? Damned if I know.

It's not a BAD movie.
But what a waste of a decent cast.
Too much time spent on Matt Dillon and his moping,
Too little time spent on the heist itself.
And any film that has Zoe Saldana,
But only gives her like, 3 minutes of screentime,
Deserves to be taken away and shot.

Heist movies whould be about the HEIST.
Who cares about the main cop's family?
Who cares about that junkie sister?
All we want is a good heist.
We don't care who lives or who dies,
We don't care if the cop has a daughter or not,
We just want to see a good HEIST.

What's the point of having such a big crew?
So that each one has a role to play.
Ocean's Eleven had tech specialists, conmen, muclemen, etc.
Here? we don't even know who is who half the time.
Or what they're there for, for that matter.

So yeah,
I'm not taken with Takers.
Its better than Tekken.
But not as great as Taken.
So in conclusion:
Taken > Takers > Tekken
Take THAT!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

God, The Queen, and Machineguns

Not a review.
Stands for Retired: Extremely Dangerous.
Yeah, it's all the old fogies again.
Like The Expendables.
Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich,
oooh, and a kickass Hellen Mirren.

Yup, they've got God, AND The Queen.
Eat THAT, Expendables!
Hey wait, they even have an Expendable in it!
Oh wait, Bruce was only in that movie for 2 minutes.

John Malkovich is funny though.
He's his usual highly-strung self,
With an added touch of loony and deadly.
Helen Mirren is always awesome though.
The Queen sure shoots a mean machine gun.

I actually liked this more than Expendables.
At least it was more than just BOOM BOOM POW RATATAT!
Helps that all the old dudes (and one dame) are great actors.
It's funny, and has decent action scenes.
Bruce's fight with Karl Urban is BRUTAL.
And who could argue with Helen Mirren firing a machine gun, eh?

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Big Bad Wolf is Back. Quick, Hide Your Wallets!

Ok, something other than beer and alcohol this time... but equally money-sapping.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Warehouse Sale is BAAACK!

Oh dear. Talk about bad timing. Just when every sen I have has to go into funding my personal biggest event of the year (and my life, actually hehe).

Luckily, it's in South City Plaza this time, so I won't be tempted to 'just pop in' liek the LAST one in Amcorp Mall...

Anyway, if you want to know exactly how money-sapping this sale really is, check out my past posts about it HERE.

Friday, 15 October 2010

My My, What a Nice Pair of Er... Cups You Have!

It's Oktoberfest! And that can only mean one thing.... BEER! BEER! BEER!

Last Thursday I decided to crash the GAB Oktoberfest party at Sid's Pub TTDI, where they actually closed the whole street and set up a BEER TENT outside the pub!

The entrance to the Blue Beer Wonderland

They had GAB's ENTIRE portfolio available there for RM5-15 a cup (depending on the beer) and there were games, hot girls in Bavarian costumes, and even a Oompah band! So fun!!!

Best of all, they had a REAL beer from Munich, the ONLY ONE in the whole lineup that you would be able to find in the REAL Oktoberfest in Munich!

Presentiiing.... PAULANER!

You see, the REAL Oktoberfest in Munich only allows beer FROM Munich to participate in the Oktoberfest. Yeah, Munich has six great beer breweries, and Paulaner is one of them, and arguably the biggest one too.

So, being a stickler for tradition, I decided to stay true to the Oktoberfest spirit and drink ONLY Paulaner that day! Woot!

A little info about Paulaner - it's actually a WHEAT BEER that is brewed in Munich, Germany, and is one of the most popular wheat beers in Germany, and Malaysia. Wheat beers are usually a bit cloudy, unlike the crystal clear lagers, because they are unfiltered, and still contain some yeast sediments in it.

When I was in Munich a few months ago, there were SO MANY BEERS to choose from, but the most prominent logo that seemed to be in almost every other pub was the Paulaner one. Apparently, its the most popular wheat beer in not just Bavaria, but the whole of Germany as well!

Not only that, it comes in an awesome TALL cool beer glass as well! Here's me drinking and my AWESOME TALL Paulaner glass with Fireangel and her puny little plastic mugs! MUAHAHAHA!

Suanie The Great was there too, marking the second Oktoberfest event this year we've been freelo... er... drinking at! WOOT!

It was actually quite cool having the two of them around, because I remember the first time I actually met and started hanging out with them was like, five years ago at some Oktoberfest thingy in One Utama, after which I composed the Eyeris Beer Song. :D

Anyway, for THIS Oktoberfest, GAB is having some promotion where for RM50, you can get a whole ONE LITRE BEER STEIN full of Tiger beer, AND you could bring home the stein as well! Now THAT'S a lot of beer...

My my, what a nice pair of er... cups you have, FA!

However, it was only for Tiger, so I decided to stick to my Paulaner instead. But never fear, because the Oktoberfest promotion also includes Happy Hour prices for ALL GAB brands, including Paulaner, which is now available on TAP! WHEEEEE! Finally, a REAL Bavarian wheat beer on tap that doesn't taste like watered down, citrus, beer-flavored water!

Besides, MY Paulaner pint glass was cooler AND taller than those steins anyway! PFFFT!!!

My Paulaner glass is like, taller than your steins!

Another fun Paulaner fact - didya know that there is actually a reason the Paulaner beer mug has a really heavy bottom? The correct way to click your glasses in Bavaria is to click the BOTTOM of the glass together while saying cheers, and drink the beer while looking in your friends' eyes (apparently if you don't, you will have bad sex for a year. LOL).

So yeah, HAPPY OKTOBERFEST (in Malaysia, the Munich one already ended ler), and next time you see me, please buy me a glass of Paulaner ok? WHEEE!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Let's Have a Beer Picnic This Sunday! WHEE!!

Do you like beer?
Are you sick of all the usual beers they serve at the pubs?
Then head on over to Sid's Pubs Bukit Tunku this weekend for SID'S BEERFEST, where there will be THIRTY beers from all over the world available for you to try!

Sid's has been having a weekly beer promotion on these bottled beers for almost two weeks now, this is what's available (sorry its a bit blurry, click on it for a clearer version):

That's on top of the regular beers, which I'm sure you're all familiar with:

I'm planning to bring a nice big mat and a picnic lunch there so I can lepak in the BIG garden in front of Sid's and have my beers there! Woot!

Oh, and if you see THIS guy there:

Go say "HI SID!" and tell him to buy ME a drink! MUAHAHA!

PS: For more details, check out the FB Event page HERE.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Party with a Young Male Cavorting Alien At MONSTROCITY!

Hello everyone! I’m Ally the Baby Alien. You may have seen me in a past Fun with Toys & MS Paint post, where I accompanied my mom to her ass-kicking session with Ripley:

Anyway, if there’s one thing we Aliens love to do, it’s PAAARRTEH! And what better way to parteh then with FREE DRINKS!!!! YAY! Yup, we’re giving out FREE DRINKS HERE!

But before that, you better read on first, or I’ll BITE OFF YOUR NECK AND SPIT ACID ALL OVER YOUR HEART MUAHAHAHAHA! HISSSSS!


Anyway, us monsters (and other assorted scary things) will be partying at
the MONSTROCITY party at Coco Banana (Sunway Pyramid) this Thursday!

Here are the details of the party:

Venue: Coco Banana (Sunway Pyramid)
Date: 14th October 2010 (Thursday)
Event time: 10:00pm till 12:00am

There’s gonna be DRINKS! LIVE SHOWS! And ENTERTAINMENT! WHEE!!! Oh, and the theme is HORROR and GOTH, so let out your inner monster and come party with us! (And leave your space marines at home, kthxbai)

What’s this party all about? Well, it’s part of the ENCORE series of parties, organised by the Horeca School of Excellence (Horeca stands for Hotels, Restaurants & Caf├ęs, BTW), where they use their hard-learned awesome service industry skills to organise some kick-ass parties.

Yeah. Because every well-respected hotelier, restaurantier or bartender must know how to organize kick-ass parties.

MONSTROCITY is only the first of these parties, there’s gonna be more to come – just check out and ‘LIKE’ the ENCORE Facebook page to find out when’s the next party!

Drinks? Of course, there’ll be drinks! They’ll be serving four Encore signature cocktails there (while stocks last, so get there early!).

If you’re feeling like Tom Cruise in Cocktail (now THAT was a scary movie), there’s even a ‘Make Your Own Cocktail’ experience, where a HSE Mixologist will teach you how shake, muddle, mix and pour your own cocktails, and how to perfect that perfect awesome-possum tangy chilly sour sweet cocktail you’ve always wanted to try (but never knew how to!

Anyway, back to that free booze I mentioned earlier. Do you wanna get some vouchers for free booze at MONSTROCITY? Then be quick, cos the fastest 10 readers to comment on this post and say they want the vouchers (with your names please) will get two free drink vouchers free! WHEEE!


Eat. Pray. Love. SNORE.

Eat Pray Love
Not a Review.




Watch this movie?
Er, not really.
Go read the book instead.
Apparently it's much better.