Thursday, 7 October 2010

Get Some Other Guy for The Other Guys

The Other Guys.
Not a review.
Why did I go and watch this?
I don't like Will Ferrell.
And I can't stand Mark Wahlberg.
("Get some other guy for The Other Guys," I told my editor)
But I decided at the very last minute to go watch it,
Because I needed some mindless entertainment yesterday.

Turns out, it's not bad.
Quite funny, quite amusing.
Will Ferrell still slightly annoying.
Mark Wahlberg's voice is still bloody whiny.
But both of them together actually pretty funny.

Yup, that's The Rock and Nick Fury.
They're the SUPERCOPS.
The ones you see in every action movie,
Blowing shit up and catching the bad guys.
But this movie ain't about them
(But they're pretty damn awesome though)
It's about the OTHER guys on the force,
Who type out their reports and do the shit work.

It's quite funny at first,
Ok, some jokes were REALLY funny.
Some not so much.
It's still pretty entertaining though.
Ferrell and Wahlberg are damn funny
And Michael Keaton also not bad.
(He don't want no scrub, creep... creep)

Oooh yeah.
There's also Eva Mendes.
Hubba Hubba Hubba.
Cleavage Rating: 9.5!
(She's even hotter in real life, BTW)
Hur Hur Hur.

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