Wednesday, 20 October 2010

God, The Queen, and Machineguns

Not a review.
Stands for Retired: Extremely Dangerous.
Yeah, it's all the old fogies again.
Like The Expendables.
Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich,
oooh, and a kickass Hellen Mirren.

Yup, they've got God, AND The Queen.
Eat THAT, Expendables!
Hey wait, they even have an Expendable in it!
Oh wait, Bruce was only in that movie for 2 minutes.

John Malkovich is funny though.
He's his usual highly-strung self,
With an added touch of loony and deadly.
Helen Mirren is always awesome though.
The Queen sure shoots a mean machine gun.

I actually liked this more than Expendables.
At least it was more than just BOOM BOOM POW RATATAT!
Helps that all the old dudes (and one dame) are great actors.
It's funny, and has decent action scenes.
Bruce's fight with Karl Urban is BRUTAL.
And who could argue with Helen Mirren firing a machine gun, eh?


Kimberly Low said...

i wanna watch this so bad!

KY said...

watched this last night, was awesome + funny, agreed it's better than expandable!

Stupid_O said...

no cleavage rating for mary louise parker? :-(

Elaine said...

Hello hello absolutely zero mention of Mary Louise Parker? Or was her role purely ornamental in this?

eyeris said...

Lots of Weeds fans here I see? haha.