Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Jimmy Invented Emo and Ate The World

If anyone asks me, I will always say that Jimmy Eat World is my favorite band, without a doubt.

They were the pioneers of emo rock, and steered away from that title since then. But seriously, emo rock is so much more than crap-ass whiny teen rock like Fall Out Boy (which has thankfully disbanded) or Simple Plan (which unfortunately are still around and still fucking annoying).

Jimmy Eat World puts the emotion in emo rock. Their songs are heartfelt, and the vocals are painstakingly heartbreaking at times. Jim Adkins voice is clear and heartfelt, and Tom Linton's harmonizing complements Adkins perfectly. And they write some kick -ass songs as well.

Their new album Invented is not bad at all - it's got a bit of everything I love about Jimmy Eat World in the first place, and there are some great songs in here. Heart is Hard To Find is a foot-tapping catchy number that caught my ear instantly. But the ballads are the best ones here for me - Cut, Invented and Mixtape. I quite like the addition of a female backing vocalist as well, especially on Invented and Coffee And Cigarettes.

Problem is, I don't hear anything I would put on my 'Best Of' list for the band, not like Clarity, Bleed American or Futures; or even Chase This Light which at least had three songs I could play over and over again without getting sick of the song. Then again, maybe I need to loop this a little longer first....

But it's still a Jimmy Eat World album. And chances are, I'll still be playing this album in the car LONG after I've forgotten all the other albums I 'like' before... (except The National, of course. High Violet is still the best album of the year, so there!


Coffee Girl said...

I googled it after visiting ur site and found that it's not bad, not bad at all! :-)

just blogjumping. Nice site u got here.

tarsem said...

The National's sorrow helped me through some sorrow I can tell you. Damn good album.