Monday, 11 October 2010

The Pork Sausage Pimp Kings

Yup, more food.
Nope, still not a food blog.

Anyway, Suanie is great.
Suanie is awesome.
Suanie gets us food to eat in awesome places like Jarrod & Rawlins, who invited us - namely Suan, Horng & Yuki, Ringo, Kim, Carol, me and LL - to try out all their porky dishes last week.

Have I mentioned Suanie is awesome? :-D

Yeah, I was still in Oktoberfest mood, so I was still drinking Paulaner. So sue me.

Why suddenly ask us to have pork? Well, apparently, starting October 20th, J&R Ampang and J&R Hartamas will be serving ALL pork dishes at 20% off the nett price every Wednesday! (J&R Damansara Heights, where we went for the food tasting, doesn't have this offer, unfortunately.)

Anyway, on to the food! First up, was the Pork Cumberland Sausage with Mustard, Coleslaw & Mashed Potatoes:

Mmmm, that is one weird yet strangely awesome looking sausage. Damn yummy too. Apparently J&R's sausage factory provides all the sausages to many of the prominent places that sell pork sausages like Sids, and so on. That makes J&R like, the king of pork sausage pimps y'all.

Next up, we had the Gammon Steak with Potatoes & Parsley Sauce:

Yeah, it's a bit thin for my liking, but boy was it tasty. We finished our plate in record time, and even took the plate from Horng's side of the table (where they couldn't finish their food, the wusses hahaha) to finish it. :D

Next, there was the prerequisite Pork Burger:

It's a bit light on the 'accessories' side of things (no extra bacon, cheese, egg in the between the buns), though I'm not sure if that's on purpose so we can REALLY taste the pork patty.

The pork patty? It was quite great actually. It wasn't as dry as some other pork burger patties in other places, and pretty damn juicy actually. I wonder if they can add all the other 'accessories', I'd love to have that burger with double patties and bacon, eggs and cheese... yum yum...

So far, so good. But those were just starters. Because next up came the J&R's Crispy Pork Knuckle:

And then a WHOLE SLAB of their awesome Hickory Baby Back Ribs:

At this point, it was a bit pointless to pretending to be all civilized, eating with cutlery and all. It's all hands on deck, babeh!

Anyway, let's not compare the pork ribs to BBQ Addicts' BBQ Pork ribs, ok? Because we're awesome that way. MUAHAHAHA! But if you must know, J&R's were pretty damn good too. I found mine a bit dry though, but still tasty. And the pork knuckle? Heck, I'm a real sucker for pork knuckles, and this one was just the way I liked it - awesome crispy, fatty skin, and nice tender meat inside.

I have to admit, this is the first time I actually ate at J&R, and so far, I'm liking it. They've also got a pretty decent bar that apparently makes pretty good cocktails too. I wish they had a cocktail menu so we could try some though... Maybe next time I'll come for the drinks, this time, the pork was pretty damn awesome. Thanks Suan for bringing me, and Elaine for setting it up! WOOT!

PS: For more info on J&R, click the image above!

PSS: Jarrod & Rawlins is also working with the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to raise funds for their cause, through an ongoing seasonal charity dish -- for every order of the selected charity dish, they will donate RM5 directly to the NCSM

PSSS: Also, if you like wine, J&R will be hosting a Wine Down party on Tuesday, 26th October at J&R AmpWalk. Between 6 - 8pm, you get free-flow house pouring wines and Tiger Draught, plus a dinner buffet, all for just RM69++ per person.


lishun said...

my coronary arteries narrowed after reading this post.

KY said...

warrr pork knuckle looks awesome!

Kimberly Low said...

loved the pork knuckle!

suanie said...

wah you have a label 'suanie the great' lmao wtf YEAY

missing the pork sosej!

Elaine said...

Eh if the ribs were dry how come you had seconds ^^

Haha anyways was great seeing you, hope you're enjoying married life!

eyeris said...

Elaine: Because the sauce was yums! :D thanks for inviting us!

Suanie: Because someone as great as Suanie The Great deserves a label all for herself! :D

Lishun: Eat first, pop arteries later. :D

Kim & KY: Pork Knuckles were awesome!