Thursday, 14 October 2010

Let's Have a Beer Picnic This Sunday! WHEE!!

Do you like beer?
Are you sick of all the usual beers they serve at the pubs?
Then head on over to Sid's Pubs Bukit Tunku this weekend for SID'S BEERFEST, where there will be THIRTY beers from all over the world available for you to try!

Sid's has been having a weekly beer promotion on these bottled beers for almost two weeks now, this is what's available (sorry its a bit blurry, click on it for a clearer version):

That's on top of the regular beers, which I'm sure you're all familiar with:

I'm planning to bring a nice big mat and a picnic lunch there so I can lepak in the BIG garden in front of Sid's and have my beers there! Woot!

Oh, and if you see THIS guy there:

Go say "HI SID!" and tell him to buy ME a drink! MUAHAHA!

PS: For more details, check out the FB Event page HERE.

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