Friday, 22 October 2010

Lies As We Know It

Life As We Know It.
Not a Review.
Saw this thanks to MSN Buzz!
Wah I never knew rom-coms were so great!
I never seen a movie like this before!
Such an unpredictable storyline!
Such witty and unpredictable dialogue
Eat your heart out Inception!

Mismatched couple falling in love eventually!
Such a great idea, why didn't anyone think about it before?
Josh Duhamel as the handsome womanizer!
Katherine Heigl as the uptight, straight laced girl!
Wah the casting so perfect!
Surely the performances of their lives!

Katherine Heigl is so cute!
Such a cute smile!
Hmm, where have I seen her before?
Didn't she win an Oscar or something?
Was she in Inception? Lord of the Rings?
No wait, don't tell me...
She was in Avatar!
No? Hmmm...

But wait...
There's an unpredictable twist to the plot!
Who saw THAT one coming?
What are they going to do now?
Oh noes!

Haha so funny!
Baby shit jokes!
Baby vomit jokes!
Baby spitting food on face!
Diaper changes!
Such original jokes!

Wah the ending so kan chiong also!
Have to rush to airport!
Quick quick quick or you won't catch him!
Best movie evar!
After this I dowan to watch all those sci-fi stuff oledi.
Because if all rom-coms are this original,
Who needs Inception eh?
Give this movie an Oscar!


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Anonymous said...

Um, you're being sarcastic right? This movie can't even compare to inception....please say it isn't so...cries a river...

KY said...

awesome title! lol

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I wish there was a 'Like' icon HAHAHA