Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Party with a Young Male Cavorting Alien At MONSTROCITY!

Hello everyone! I’m Ally the Baby Alien. You may have seen me in a past Fun with Toys & MS Paint post, where I accompanied my mom to her ass-kicking session with Ripley:

Anyway, if there’s one thing we Aliens love to do, it’s PAAARRTEH! And what better way to parteh then with FREE DRINKS!!!! YAY! Yup, we’re giving out FREE DRINKS HERE!

But before that, you better read on first, or I’ll BITE OFF YOUR NECK AND SPIT ACID ALL OVER YOUR HEART MUAHAHAHAHA! HISSSSS!


Anyway, us monsters (and other assorted scary things) will be partying at
the MONSTROCITY party at Coco Banana (Sunway Pyramid) this Thursday!

Here are the details of the party:

Venue: Coco Banana (Sunway Pyramid)
Date: 14th October 2010 (Thursday)
Event time: 10:00pm till 12:00am

There’s gonna be DRINKS! LIVE SHOWS! And ENTERTAINMENT! WHEE!!! Oh, and the theme is HORROR and GOTH, so let out your inner monster and come party with us! (And leave your space marines at home, kthxbai)

What’s this party all about? Well, it’s part of the ENCORE series of parties, organised by the Horeca School of Excellence (Horeca stands for Hotels, Restaurants & Cafés, BTW), where they use their hard-learned awesome service industry skills to organise some kick-ass parties.

Yeah. Because every well-respected hotelier, restaurantier or bartender must know how to organize kick-ass parties.

MONSTROCITY is only the first of these parties, there’s gonna be more to come – just check out and ‘LIKE’ the ENCORE Facebook page to find out when’s the next party!

Drinks? Of course, there’ll be drinks! They’ll be serving four Encore signature cocktails there (while stocks last, so get there early!).

If you’re feeling like Tom Cruise in Cocktail (now THAT was a scary movie), there’s even a ‘Make Your Own Cocktail’ experience, where a HSE Mixologist will teach you how shake, muddle, mix and pour your own cocktails, and how to perfect that perfect awesome-possum tangy chilly sour sweet cocktail you’ve always wanted to try (but never knew how to!

Anyway, back to that free booze I mentioned earlier. Do you wanna get some vouchers for free booze at MONSTROCITY? Then be quick, cos the fastest 10 readers to comment on this post and say they want the vouchers (with your names please) will get two free drink vouchers free! WHEEE!



Karen said...

i want a pair! :D

Nick Davis said...

Interesting pictures. :) I want a pair!

Anonymous said...

Coco Bananananaa I want a pair please! =)

TheJessicat said...

heyyyyyy mike!! :D
A pair for me please, thanks.

Cya there!

Sunil said...

I want the vouchers pls :D

nicgan said...

I love Aliensss!!!
Me want a pair tooooo!!! =)

eyeris said...

yay six already! Remember to sign in under my name when you get there to get the vounchers!

Four more to go!

Cockenaden said...

I want your TV but the vouchers will do for now..

pinky tham said...

Can I have a pair twooo? Want to party with the aliens hehe

Sheng said...

i want a pair.... thxs